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  • Hey Marco, you wanna play a game or hang out or something?

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 29, '06 8:02 PM EST

    Bored bored bored bored BORED! I am so phenomenally bored in school right now I don't know why I even bother coming in to studio. A typical day involves me screwing around my apartment for a few hours then going into studio only to just talk to/bother my classmates, draw a few lines in Illustrator... View full entry

  • You just bought yourself a one way ticket to pretzel town!

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 27, '06 2:39 PM EST

    I've never been a fan of architectural jargon, but now it's just getting out of hand. The halls of Meyerson as riddled with complexity and non-linearity. The words are tossed around so frequently that they have lost all legitamacy. I'm going to rigorize me up some complex non-linearialitiness... View full entry

  • Andrew WTA

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 24, '06 9:40 PM EST

    I knew there was a drug problem in Philly, but I've never seen so much crack in one place until today. Oh, wait, that was my Andrew WK look alike TA's asscrack. I really wish he would curb the nonconformist act a little and buy pants that fit. His hairy asscrack is not what I want to see whenever... View full entry

  • Architect's Photo

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 23, '06 12:02 PM EST

    Did you ever notice that most architects use a photo that is clearly 10-20 years old and/or shot under conditions that make them look amazing? I can think of a handful of architects off the top of my head, but I won't name them. But, as I get buried deeper in the field, I submit for your approval... View full entry

  • University Rules

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 21, '06 11:50 AM EST

    Well, I'm still not working too hard yet. It's a little weird. Your mind is ramping up to go, but the work isn't. I think it might be hard to get going when the assignments start to pile up. So it's time for more random comments. When I was walking home last night, I saw a group of soroity pledges... View full entry

  • Totally Modern

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 18, '06 9:07 PM EST

    So studio is moving along. Still not so sure what to make of it. We're doing some diagrams and what not. Analyzing Meyerson so that we can improve it. Does anyone know of a good, simple, easy to digest overview of modernist architecture? I've read Frampton's Modern Architecture, but would like... View full entry

  • Master of Diagrams

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 15, '06 2:44 PM EST

    Somehow I was given the title of Master of Diagramming. I don't think this is true. Occassionally I will come out with a really good one, but not consistantly. What I am also famous for are my weird Photoshop collages. For example was the one of the cat with Meyerson on it's back, or one with a... View full entry

  • Stynger

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 14, '06 4:40 PM EST

    I think Stynger reads this. Let's make him immortal. View full entry

  • Loser

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 13, '06 9:35 PM EST

    Well, I didn't win the portfolio competition. Not totally surprised, but disappointed nonetheless. At least my photography TA looks like Andrew WK. He's also a senior undergrad. Being a grad student is weird. I feel old. View full entry

  • Still Unsure

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 12, '06 8:35 PM EST

    We had our first studio meeting today. The goal of the studio is still rather shrouded in secrecy. That seems to be a running theme in design school, but without any precident for past studios taught by Salcedo, it's tough. It's not like we just don't know the site, we don't really understand his... View full entry

  • Missing

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 11, '06 5:23 PM EST

    Looks like that image didn't show up, let me try again. View full entry

  • La la la la la la....

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 11, '06 5:16 PM EST

    Classes haven't really started up yet. I had photography yesterday morning with a bunch of undergrads, and don't have anything again until tomorrow morning. I had a nice evening off and a whole day. Saw Wedding Crashers last night. Damn that's funny. I hadn't seen it yet because it was in the... View full entry

  • Studio Selection

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 9, '06 7:23 PM EST

    Results for studio selection were posted today. I got my number 5 (out of 6) choice. Based on the written and oral brief, I have no idea what we are going to be doing other than redesigning Meyerson Hall. His brief was so riddled with archibabble, that it's unreadable. Objective: To provide a... View full entry

  • Round 4, FIGHT

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 6, '06 10:21 PM EST

    Look at me. I have a blog now. As such, I will attempt to curb the anger a little and keep it...informative? I head back to Philly tomorrow and put the final touches on portfolio for the Dales competition which is due Monday. Then we select studio on Monday also. This semester I am taking... View full entry

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