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    Hardware, Harsh words and Heads a rollin’.

    By Hasselhoff
    Mar 23, '06 8:03 PM EST

    So the computer is still broken. It's really starting to piss me off. I spent about 4 hours trouble shooting with Greg, our IT guy. He's totally cool. Looks like it wasn't my motherboard, but actually half of my RAM was bad. Still under warranty. HOWEVER, my Windows install is messed up, so I need to do that again, but it won't let me install my SATA drivers. Most of you probably don't care, but it's driving me insane. I want my dual CPU machine with 2GB of RAM back again. This laptop is driving me nuts.

    We got an email from Julio yesterday (I mentioned it on Adrienne's blog). He said he was disappointed that we weren't producing when he told us to do so. He also threatened our grades. So you take 10 unmotivated people, then fire out one of those emails, and what do you get? Ten super unmotivated people. It was totally discouraging. As you know, I don't care about my grades, so that's not the issue. At this point I would just take a C to get it over with. Here's the deal. After mid review we were supposed to change to a different site. But between Wednesday (mid review) and Tuesday, we were supposed to make the suggested changes to our projects. Most of us thought that it was a waste of time to fix our project only to restart a few days later. In my case, I wrote my professional practice paper, shot four rolls for photography, thought about my project and just took a little time to myself. I worked over spring break, so I figured I could take a day off. Most people did similar stuff. He comes in on Tuesday and tells us we are keeping out site. He also gave us case studies to do as well. Way too late in the game for this crap. Needless to say, morale is rock bottom around studio.

    On a random studio note, this is the third out of four studios where I have designed a school. First semester was a media pavilion, second semester was a school with a garden, third semester was an elementary school, fourth is an architecture school. I hate schools.

    Also. I'm starting to think I've black listed myself because of this blog. Woops.

    It had come to my attention that David Hasselhoff was causing problems. In order to clear my name, I did what was necessary. Amidst the falling sakura, David and I ascended to a remote mountain temple. Before the Buddhist temple, we engaged in honorable mortal combat. Our swords glistened in the morning sun. He fought well, but ultimately, I bested him in a game of sword play. My friend took this photo seconds before I removed his body from his head. I wish she would have gotten the picture right after I chopped it off, but she fainted from all the sweet blood flying all over the place. The mountain side was stained with his wicked, wife beating, silicone enhanced viscera.


    • adrienne

      thank goodness you have slain finally all the puppies will be safe

      Mar 23, 06 11:30 pm  · 

      Good lord that is the worst thing I have ever seen. I'm telling Stynger.

      Mar 23, 06 11:49 pm  · 

      time for photoshop play... not for studio, though?

      just giving you shit. good reading, as usual.

      Mar 24, 06 1:01 am  · 

      That's not Photoshop, it's real. I have seriously developed ADD and have become bipolar since being here.

      Mar 24, 06 1:09 am  · 


      Mar 24, 06 1:14 am  · 
      Mar 24, 06 3:20 am  · 
      the silent observer

      ROFL....that is awesome.

      BTW, know how you feel about the low morale thing. After our mid-reviews, our program director gave us a "motivational" talk, telling us how dissappointed he was. He told us he expected more and currently 3/4 of us would be considered failing. This from a guy who we've seen for all of 3 times in the last 6 months. Let's say he wasn't that inspiring....

      Mar 24, 06 4:52 am  · 
      liberty bell

      Absentee professors are just the worst, it's pitiful that huge universities charge a body part to students then pay adjunct faculty crap pay without benefits and expect constant devotion to the job OR pay "visiting lecturers" to be disengaged and descend once a semester to berate the paying students.

      Penn is especially bad this way IMO.

      God that sharpei puppy pic is so, so wrong.

      Mar 24, 06 2:40 pm  · 

      those are puppies? I thought they were bunched up sweaters or something.

      dear god. they are puppies.

      Mar 24, 06 2:44 pm  · 

      I blacklisted myself on the Penn campus once. I was 24, recently graduated and working a job up in Bucks County. One Friday afternoon I was wandering around campus, much like today. Saw a keg getting delivered to some sort of fraternity house. I was thirsty so I knocked on the door and asked if I could join the party. Oh the audacity! They weren't very friendly and told me to get lost in some choice four letter words. Chalk that up to being naieve and coming from a mid-western state school. I see keg and I think party. No so much different from the audacity of trash talking your professors on an internet blog, right?

      Mar 24, 06 4:07 pm  · 

      I don't really think Penn is that bad with the absentee profs. My first semester guy was pretty regular, late sometimes, but mostly here, rarely skipped. My second semester guy was pretty much never here, said he would come in a different day, then not show up and email us later. I.e. would schedule Saturday at 12, email at 3 saying he over slept. Third semester was great, she was always here and a great critic. Julio comes in his two times a week, on time. He occationally reschedules, but it pretty good about it. Your Adjayes and Balmonds are less regular because they are coming from England, but that is expected and you know that when you sign up for their studios. From what I understand that is pretty regular at all schools with people that come from outside. (Rem, HdM etc).

      The profs are here, my mind isn't haha.

      Mar 24, 06 6:06 pm  · 

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