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    Second Life

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 20, '07 10:51 AM EST

    So yesterday afternoon I decided to see what all the hype was about with Second Life. Contrary to the coolness rating it has receive in magazines and online articles, it is perhaps the ultimate lameness. It seems like it should be pretty cool, from articles, until you realize that in order to build something, you have to buy fake land with REAL MONEY.

    What the whole thing comes down to is the Sims+a chatroom. But what makes it worse than a chatroom, is you have to wander around dodging goths, dudes that have large breasted women as their avitars, or maybe a furry here and there in order to maybe talk to someone. You can drive cars and other vehicles but they are slow and you can't take them off jumps or anything. I tried to car jack a guy, but that didn't work. Most people had no sense of humor because I think it is infact, their first life. I said hi to some guy and he said "I'm busy working." He was changing the colors on a square. Flying was kind of fun as I took to ramming people. I also spent a few minutes begging for quaters. I honestly saw no point what-so-ever to the whole thing. The lack of quests, missions etc, simply results in nothing to do. I might as well go to the real store, or hang out with real people. It all reminds me of this guy in college that basically failed out because he sat around in Ultima Online fishing to get more experience points. And I'm a certified nerd, no doubt, but Second Life sucks more than eight bitches in a bitch boat (DP, Aqua Teen Hunger Force).

    Other note-the ICA Boston is now visible on Google Earth.


    • RqTecT

      Secondlife..., should be renamed GetAlife.
      This is a Starkasumin from The Rqtect.

      Jan 21, 07 2:48 am  · 

      Well... i believe everything at the beginning is so boring and sucks,,, but let's give SL a chance ... when ppl get used to it,,and the technology and media makes it faster and more realistic in a cyber way... it would be real fun..just on one condition: "it doesnt affect our real life style"

      Jan 21, 07 2:07 pm  · 

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