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Aug '09 - May '10

  • Thanks and Congratulations

    By jacob
    May 22, '10 6:43 PM EST

    After a wild 6 years and a summer, it's time to embark...

    In the liner notes of my life; infinite thanks go out to my family for their continued support of all of my decision and my colleagues and classmates throughout the years - in all actuality, it's borrowed trace from your desk upon which my projects take shape.

    Doubly infinite thanks to my professors throughout the years and schools

    in roughly chronological order:

    Kathryn Strand
    Jason Turnidge
    Diane Davis
    Elwin Robison
    Adil Sharag Eldin
    Nawari Nawari
    Justin Hilton
    Aaron Lobas
    Charles Graves
    Marcello Fantoni
    Rocky Ruggerio
    Andrea Ponsi
    Giovanna Potesta
    Charles Cecil
    Greg Stroh
    Steve Rugare
    Sean Burkholder
    Maurizio Sabini
    Eric Pempas
    Pat Hyland
    Christopher Diehl
    Roland Snooks
    Cecil Balmond
    Ali Rahim
    Manuel Delanda
    Alexandra Schmidt-Ulrich
    Katrin Mueller-Russo
    Matthias Hollwich
    Anette Fiero
    Ferda Kolatan
    Jeremy Edmiston

    Thanks to Archinect for hosting such a helpful site and letting me blog (though sporadically) for a few years.

    And last.

    Thanks and good luck to my most-recently-former colleagues; UPenn class of 2010. It was a wild but quick ride (to my fellow postprof's,); Thanks for the warm welcome (to the MArchI's).

    Let's all go get awesome jobs!


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  • And it happened

    By jacob
    May 8, '10 1:50 PM EST

    Photos to follow...but for now, the video View full entry

  • PNG Pavilion Exhibition

    By jacob
    May 6, '10 1:40 AM EST

    Somewhat of a commercial... As the semester draws to a close, and you (faithful readers?) have little idea what I've been doing, I'll fill you in. Our studio with Jeremy Edmiston has been working on a 1/2 -full scale pavilion which explores digital design and construction techniques using the... View full entry

  • building things 2 (now with video)

    By jacob
    Mar 2, '10 10:10 AM EST

    Two long nights.Night 1: transcribing full sized templates onto plywoodNight 2: putting it all together (in two scales) View full entry

  • building things

    By jacob
    Feb 28, '10 7:46 PM EST

    Whoa an update and this time it's actually about work! Well it is. I'm in a research studio with Jeremy Edmiston of SystemArchitects. It's pretty awesome; I'm super glad I'm here. The quick update though is that essentially we're scheming to build an outdoor room at the end of the semester on the... View full entry

  • if NAAB asks, I like it here.

    By jacob
    Feb 8, '10 1:05 PM EST

    This week, the NAAB team is here for Accreditation. While often, I end up working in a jaded existence; questioning the relevance (both academically, and realistically) of some of the pedagogy here, the pomp and circumstance of the NAAB visit is a really nice moment to actually reflect on what... View full entry

  • Fast / Slow

    By jacob
    Sep 23, '09 12:25 PM EST

    Midway through the 3rd week of Gradschool2.0 and things seem both fast and slow. On one hand, I'm surprised that things are moving by quickly. My electives are going full speed ahead and they are pretty great thus far. Studio is a bit slow...I'm waiting for it to kick into high gear; we seem to be... View full entry

  • Lecture #1 Tonight

    By jacob
    Sep 21, '09 12:54 PM EST

    STEPHEN KIERAN Mon. 21 September, 6:00pm - 7:00pm Meyerson Hall Room B1 Lecture by Stephen Kieran, FAIA, of KieranTimberlake. "Dwelling" Hosted by the Department of Architecture Should be cool View full entry

  • the day before...(or: the real old / new blog)

    By jacob
    Sep 8, '09 11:07 PM EST

    This will likely mark the only time that I'll be able to blog the night before a project is due while having completed it. Tomorrow... Studio begins. But now for a numbered list of thoughts: 1. It's odd to see my work in the context of my classmates - I'm so used to knowing familiar styles / fonts... View full entry

  • In a week...(the schedule blog)

    By jacob
    Sep 1, '09 8:14 PM EST

    I'll be in these: Ali Rahim's Contemporary Processes in Architecture: Experimental Design & Its EffectsThe mastery of techniques, whether in design, production or both, does not necessarily yield great architecture. As we all know, the most advanced techniques can still yield average designs... View full entry

  • new blog | old blog

    By jacob
    Aug 31, '09 4:19 PM EST

    And we're off. I'd previously blogged on archinect during grad school 1.0 at Kent State's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborativehere In typical blog fashion, I'm going to immediately apologize for not posting enough and resolve to do that that's out of the way. I'm at UPenn in their... View full entry

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