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    Still Unsure

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 12, '06 8:35 PM EST

    We had our first studio meeting today. The goal of the studio is still rather shrouded in secrecy. That seems to be a running theme in design school, but without any precident for past studios taught by Salcedo, it's tough. It's not like we just don't know the site, we don't really understand his interests, etc. He was asking us about many about our history and theory backgrounds and only those with undergraduate educations in architecture knew any of it. I think he's interested in what would have happened if modernism continued rather than post modernism. As if generative ideas were applied to modernist ideas. But that's just my guess. We were assigned some reading and to analyze Meyerson for our project.

    In other news, I had my first meeting of Surfaces/Effects with Veikos. Seems like it's going to be a great class. If you are unfamiliar with the course, I guess a short description would be doing material studies to produce H&dM like wall/skin systems. I think it might be a ton of work, combined with photography and what sounds like a very model heavy studio. I need to build models though, I have none in my portfolio. I built some crapass rib models, but I just smashed them because they #1 were bad, #2 made me angry.

    Also, tomorrow they reveal the results of the Dales portfolio competition. Roughly 1/3 of the class wins ~$3500 each, intended for travel. I think I have a moderate chance of winning, but it will be hit or miss I think. I don't have a slick layout style. It's more along the lines of big colorful fun time with a little bit of smoothness. My work isn't very "Penn" either. So they either burned it or someone thought it was cool. I saw some others' portfolios and they are definately better layed out than mine.

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