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    Red Jump Suits

    By Hasselhoff
    Mar 17, '06 12:05 AM EST

    A group of about half of the 500s have purchased red jumpsuits ala Slipknot which are embroidered with their names and PennDesign. It was pretty funny to see a group of them running around in the suits. I'm contemplating getting one, although I don't know when I would wear it. The funniest part though was Detlef sprting one as well. He wore it two days in a row. I wonder if he washed it. He wore it to our midreview, which made it easy to not be nervous. You didn't have to imagine him in his underwear because he was already dressed in a humorous fashion.


    At reviews I have this habit of standing with my arms crossed in a totally aggressive posture. I'm not, but it's funny. People tell me I look pissed. Review was ok. It went well, but I think with a few exceptions here and there, we just haven't been producing. Last semester I covered a wall with drawings, research and renderings. This review I had some crapass diagrams and some plans. Julio gave us til Tuesday to finish everything up since most of us were missing a lot of requirements. I did have my first presentation model however. Yeah, you heard me, fouth semester, first model. I guess I had others, but they were just goofy twisted paper or some stupid rib pirate ship crap. You know, stuff that I Godzilla-ed shortly after my review.

    My presentation for Surface/Effects was equally weak. Everyone else had some nice work. I was just so tired and we just kid of let our work slip for the week. We also realized that to experiment with our idea, we would need to build full scale mock ups which would be prohibitively expensive. We need to find a new approach I think.

    Neither review was bad, just not good.

    I worked with our IT guy and figured out that my motherboard is shot. Luckily my data is fine which I verified on a Mac. None of the PCs in our lab are SATA other then the Mac, so that was fun times. My mobo had a 3 year warranty, but since I didn't have my receipt, it was void. I could have gotten a new one crosshipped overnight for $35. But since it was void, I would have had to send it back for repair ($75) and wait to get a new one. However, if I wanted it like...soon, I would have to overnight it for about $50. I just ordered a new one. Maybe I'm impacient, but I just want this nightmare over. While I was at it, I ordered a larger case in hopes of better airflow. I'm not sure if I fried the thing, but I don't want to risk it. I'm thinking maybe it wasn't flash fried as it was degraded over the year. I hope there are no issues with my processors! That would blow. On a similar note, analog monitor connections blow. I'm using my 19 inch flat panel hooked to my laptop for sweet dual monitor action while I wait for my desktop to come back into action. The color on the laptop looks great, but it's totally washed out on the extension screen.

    David Adjaye spoke tonight. I got someone to cover the first hour of my shift in the lab so I could go. It was moderate. His work is great, but the presentation wasn't so good. But on the other hand, it was nice to see someone talking about nice, real buildings and space and material rather than blah blah blobs and their GeeDee mastibatory Maya renderings. I hate rigor.

    I've also come to the conclusion that I am lazy. I've got about one, maybe two weeks of real, actual concentration in me at the beginning of a semester. After that, it all goes to hell. I just sit around and look at computer parts and guitar equipment online, or do this, or make DVDs and mix CDs.

    What a boring blog entry.


    • strlt_typ

      do you still keep in touch with your japanese girl-friend?

      Mar 17, 06 4:28 pm  · 

      This is rad. All architecture faculty should wear jumpsuits. Or space suits! And monkeysuits!

      Wow I wish my profs had been able to not take themselves seriously!

      Mar 17, 06 5:58 pm  · 

      Why yes I do still talk to my 'girlfriend.' I wish she was my girlfriend...damn Pacific Ocean. She emails me from her mobile and sends me weird stuff in the mail.

      Mar 17, 06 6:59 pm  · 
      strlt_typ shit, is this why you've been bored and lacking interest in school?...plan your move to japan...

      Mar 17, 06 8:22 pm  · 

      Someone likes to pry... But no. I've just been slowly wittled away at in school. I came in with great expectations and I dunno, maybe I'm just not cut out for it. But I've known my friend for almost 4 years, two of which were before I started school.

      Mar 17, 06 10:40 pm  · 
      vado retro

      did u meet this girl while doing an autograph signing???

      Mar 18, 06 7:41 am  · 

      Maybe we should just start a thread about this haha. No. We met at Starbucks. She was giving me the old google-eyes.

      Mar 18, 06 12:06 pm  · 

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