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    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 29, '06 3:38 PM EST

    Additionally, one of my students(?)/guys that I TA wanted me to tell y'all about this guy he saw in West Philly using an orange juice carton like a phone. I thought that was pretty cool. I will add my own tale of panhandling. This enormous woman in maroon stretch pants comes waddling up to me at 1:30 am screaming "YOUNG MAN, YOUNG MAN. I ain't tryin' ta scare ya. I ain't tryin' ta scare ya young man! " (mind you I'm across the street and she is trailing me screaming.) My friend just threw me out the house! For the love of GOD can you gimme a dollar to git home?!" (me) "Sorry" (her) GOD DAMN YOUNG MAN! GOD DAMN!!!

    Other than that, school is school. Nothing new or amazing. Other than next week is the NLSO again in which I will assuredly not set foot unless I quest to seek less faith in architect[s](ure). I could write a bunch of stuff about the subject, but it just makes me more angry.

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