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    First real day of class

    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 11, '06 9:59 PM EST

    Today was our first day of studio. I got my first choice, Tina Manis. I chose her studio because she is a practicing architect and she mentioned space and materials in her presentation! We are starting out by researching the UN and propaganda, which we will merge into a studio book by next Thursday. Our studio project isn't fully defined as of today, but it will take some of the program of the current UN and add some other new program. Then we will either merge the two to create some new program, or create an architecture that negotiates these programs. That's the essence of the two page brief in a few sentences. Tina seems really cool and smart. She took the time to meet with each of us individually to see our old work and just get to know us. But in showing our old work, I was quite embarassed. I haven't really looked at my work in a critical way for a while. She wanted us to show our best and worst project. I couldn't really choose any project that was my best. And when I was explaining them to her, I just saw how horrid my images are and how unresolved, even for school, my projects are. It was really disappointing to myself. I don't think I will be applying for jobs until this time next year. I will need a few months to flesh out my work and ...make it look good. I haven't progressed very much in two years. It's funny. I know how to work all of the software. I'm one of the top "go to guys" and I can help other people, but I can't for the life of my make MY stuff look good. But good thing is, I told Tina that I have terrible graphic skills (although I think she could see that) and that I can never focus on a single idea for my projects so they are always very underdeveloped (she also noticed that from my work and asked, to which I said yes). So she said she will work with me on that, and I really need that. I told her that I usually have a lot of ideas, but can never get them out, to which she said "Oh you're one of those" and laughed. So I think she is going to be able to help me, I hope! I'm only taking two other classes this semester, so I hope I can focus in and do a good job. I really need it. God do I need to come out with something I'm proud of. So far I have generated one diagram and one drawing that I like. The rest can go in the trash.


    • vado retro

      dont they teach ya about paragraphs in the ivies???

      Sep 11, 06 10:06 pm  · 




      Sep 11, 06 10:54 pm  · 

      hey man...don't hassle the hoff

      PS - if your projects are as interesting as your nippon stories, all will be good.

      Sep 12, 06 1:48 am  · 
      the silent observer

      no have an idea of your weaknesses and are looking to address them...that is a better position than many others, who don't even question what their weaknesses might be ;)

      Sep 12, 06 9:45 am  · 

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