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    Shhh. Squishface is a single mother

    By Hasselhoff
    Feb 23, '06 8:14 PM EST

    Title means nothing.

    Well, High Performance Building Envelopes is over. Review at Kling went well. I think I was the only one to use stone and the critics appreciated that. People liked my renderings, but there were a lot of other really nice ones too. I helped one girl do her's and she just used simple lighting, but it looked killer. I like renderings that look like hyper realistic physical models. Well, I guess each project requires it's own style. Not every project needs photorealistic. The problem with PR renderings is that if you don't get it spot on, it looks stupid. Anyway, the review was basically uneventful, but a pleasant experience and it was really nice for once to hear critics say things like "That's nice but it would fall down." Or "Those members wouldn't resist wind load." As opposed to when no one said anything about my 250 foot cantilever in Studio II. I thought they would rip me. I knew it was bad, but I didn't care, I just wanted to be done.

    We had a mini studio review yesterday with 2 outside jurors. Our mid review was pushed to March 15th. Yesterday's review we brutal. The level of apathy in my studio is staggering. Three students didn't even show up! One girl was sick, another guy was at a wedding and this other guy just didn't come. My studio only has 10 people in it to begin with. To top that off, no one really did much work. He was a little angry. We have to have 1/16th scale models on Monday which should be interesting since only 1 person has something that looks like a building at this point. I have an auditorium and a ramp that my critic doesn't really like. But I have no idea what he is asking me to do when he tells me to investigate density, so I'm just making something. I ask him what he means by density and he just says he doesn't know, that's why it's exciting. But when I do something, he says I'm not doing who knows. So my building is ramps. I have a theory of architecture based on the works of Rem Koolhaas. All you need is for architecture are ramps, walls, and f#$@ing.

    Surface/Effects is coming along. We had a guest speaker today who fabricates furniture from unique materials. Her company is called Float and is based in Philly. They made the benches for Zaha's Cinnci museum. She brought in this cool rubbery cube chair thing on wheels. She talked for about an hour and then we showed the current progress of our projects. I'm working with this guy and we are creating a folded facade of glass with Lumisty that has images projected on it. It's pretty simple and uses fairly conventional methods, but it's pretty cool. The effect is strong. It would make a really cool high end shop facade.

    I was out shooting for photo, but then it started raining, so I bailed. I'll have to try tomorrow morning or something. We have contact sheets for two rolls due on Tuesday. He only gives us a week to shot and process two rolls of film, but then like a month and a half to make the prints. If the weather isn't good or you have a lot of other class work, it's a bummer. Luckily now my Tuesday afternoons are free. Gives me more daylight to shoot.

    Tomorrow is snooze-fest Professional Practice. Is that class super boring at other schools? We visit firms which is ok I guess. Lectures are brutal though. I guess it's not really a bad class. It just sort of pops up randomly and messes up your plans. Oh well.

    I'm working in the comp lab tonight. Someone just sent this >50% text document to the color Phaser. Phaser prints are $.75 regardless of color. I told her and she was like "it was one big PDF." I think $20 is worth the sending parts to different printers. Geez!


    • SuperHeavy

      the hell it means nothing.
      that's a sealab 2021 line if I ever heard it.

      Long live Harry Goz!!!

      Feb 23, 06 9:25 pm  · 

      I have silly question to ask - are you paying out of your own pocket materials to make your models?

      Feb 24, 06 5:11 am  · 

      ok i really need some slepe

      Feb 24, 06 5:12 am  · 
      the silent observer

      To answer your questions about pro-practice...yes...except when I took it, we had to bust out these insane case studies. We visited the same firm over the course of 8 weeks, interviewing them once a week about an aspect of a project. After each interview, we had to turn the information into a report, which we had to do in three days in order to give it to our prof, who'd edit it, and return it to us for the next interview.

      You learn to hate writing reports in groups.

      Feb 24, 06 6:29 am  · 

      Pro-practice was boring. We did do some ridiculous RFP's for a phony project. That taught us all desktop publishing software more than anything else. We did have a text book for that class that was awesome useful once I was out in the real world. Not the AIA Handbook for pro-practice. Some other paperback book written by some architect. Still refer to it sometimes. Great info to have. Don't sell your text.

      Feb 24, 06 2:43 pm  · 

      What's the name of that book? We don't have one.

      Feb 24, 06 3:53 pm  · 

      This is the book.

      Much more interesting reading than the AIA Pro Practice Handbook.

      Feb 27, 06 1:05 pm  · 
      Marlin the way, i appreciate and enjoy your entries.


      Mar 4, 06 2:01 am  · 

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