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    Round 4, FIGHT

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 6, '06 10:21 PM EST

    Look at me. I have a blog now. As such, I will attempt to curb the anger a little and keep it...informative? I head back to Philly tomorrow and put the final touches on portfolio for the Dales competition which is due Monday. Then we select studio on Monday also. This semester I am taking photography, high performance build envelopes, professional practice, and material/effects. I think it is going to be really busy, but I'm pretty psyched for the classes I chose. There are some good studios being offered, so I'll post what studio I'm taking. Let the blogging begin.

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    • vado retro

      make sure u post some pix!!!

      Jan 6, 06 10:55 pm  · 

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