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    Osaka Bound

    By Hasselhoff
    Apr 12, '06 11:31 AM EST

    I'm totally pumped. I got the internship at Takenaka in Osaka for June-August. SWEET. I will post more details after I finish getting all this crap together oh, and finding some time to do school work! YIKES AHHHHHHHH. I am so pumped I'm seriously shaking. Someone told me that my voice was shaking. Holy bejeezus!



    • takenaka in osaka is fun to say. congratulations!

      Apr 12, 06 11:45 am  · 

      good one, man

      Apr 12, 06 12:41 pm  · 

      bet some yen on the keiren circuit for me!

      Apr 12, 06 12:42 pm  · 

      oh and you'll get to hang out with that girl...

      Apr 12, 06 12:45 pm  · 
      liberty bell

      Awesome!!!! Hasselhoff that is amazing and wonderful and awesome news!!! Good for you, you deserve a good break after all the crap you've been dealing with at Penn. Yay!!!!!!!!

      Hope you'll be able to keep up a summer version of the blog from the far side of the world?

      (and yes Steven the first thing I was going to post was also: takenaka-in-osaka is fun to say! Our students are going to want to strangle us!)


      Apr 12, 06 2:06 pm  · 


      Apr 12, 06 3:21 pm  · 

      well done.

      if you fancy a trip to tokyo let me know.

      Apr 12, 06 8:05 pm  · 

      I may give you an email. I know a few people in Tokyo, so I might have to swing by one weekend.

      Apr 12, 06 8:45 pm  · 
      sporadic supernova

      thats cool man !!... good luck !!

      errr.. do you get to meet that chick ?

      Apr 13, 06 12:49 am  · 

      nicely done! write us often; i've never been to japan.

      Apr 13, 06 1:50 am  · 

      please do drop by, hasselhoff. would def be cool.

      Apr 13, 06 2:09 am  · 

      Jump: I'm actually pretty normal in real life...sorta haha

      Sporadic: I know that chick. I met her in Boston about 3-4 years ago. She was an exchange student. We've been in touch ever since. I stayed with her and her family for a week last time I was in Japan. She is adorable. The classic line was the time she was trying to ask what time I had to go back to my hotel and said "What time do you have to....byebye." Awesome.

      Apr 13, 06 3:05 am  · 
      sporadic supernova

      lol ... cute .. ^^ .. "byebye"

      I'm facinated by all things japanese ..

      Apr 13, 06 4:21 am  · 
      the silent observer

      Damn...that's what i call an internship experience...

      Apr 13, 06 4:44 am  · 

      nice Hasselhoff. congrats, make the most of it... and definitely keep the blog going with your experiences from Takenaka in Osaka...

      Apr 13, 06 8:34 am  · 
      vado retro

      congrats glad u dint get eliminated...

      Apr 13, 06 12:28 pm  · 

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