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    The Usual

    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 23, '06 1:57 PM EST

    I haven't posted to my blog in a while because nothing has really happened. I have Tina Manis for a studio critic and I think she is going to be good. We're still in the researchy phase, so there hasn't been that much interaction yet, but what I have had has been good. I think I prefer female critics. Because architecture is such a male dominated field, I think when a woman makes it to a position as an Ivy League critic, she has worked really hard and is a tough lady. I don't mean to sound sexist (I don't think it really did, but gotta have the disclaimer). Seems like any guy with a trust fund and a degree can be a critic, but the women critics I've had have definately been my favorites and more demanding.

    Otherwise, nothing really to report about. Taking a building systems integration class and print making. All the students in my print making class are MFAs and already know what to do. I just follow the teacher around like a lost puppy because I have no idea how to do anything. I'm TAing visual studies this semester, which is actually pretty fun. Like I've said, my own designs aren't really that great, but I know the software and can make suggestions. But I've also realized, you don't have to know how to design to crit. You just say stuff and people say "Oh, that's interesting, I'll try that."

    I'm going to my friends' wedding tonight. Here's a plug for their websites.

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    Inclined Inc


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