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    Stupid Penn Undergrads + (updated)

    By Hasselhoff
    Oct 31, '06 9:23 PM EST

    >>Update to original post


    • liberty bell

      Hasselhoff, re: your printmaking class and using wire and stuff. A classmate of mine at Cranbrook did this totally amazing project, years later I'd practically trade my child to have one of these "printed" objects she made.

      Here's what she did: she took sheets of lead, about 10" square by 1/8" thick, and wrapped them tightly (via pounding and pressing with burnishing tools) around architectural objects and details: a brick, a door jamb, a crown molding, etc. Then she ran the lead through a printing press along with some super soft and thick white cotton paper. So the lead, which "contained the volume" of the object wrapped, smashed down and transferred that volumetric impression into the paper. I swear the paper read as a built object when it was done. Absolutely gorgeous.

      Glad you're enjoying having a good studio professor, it makes all the difference to talk with someone you feel is interested!

      Oct 31, 06 9:38 pm  · 

      Dude- I visited Penn on Monday for the Open House, and now I understand your pain. Rigorous complexitization sounds about right. I'd call it "lizarditecture" or something... I'm not sure if I buy the whole generative componentry business, either. I attended the landscape lecture that night, and it was insane. Like the nihilist French woman from I Heart Huckabees. I also kept thinking that I saw you in the halls of Myerson. Anyway. hang in there.

      Oct 31, 06 11:43 pm  · 

      You probably saw me wandering around. I drank a lot of water that day and was peeing constantly. The ITT building you showed in your blog was much the work of Tina (my studio critic) while she was at OMA. She's good.

      Nov 1, 06 12:58 am  · 

      That's funny- I wonder if there was something special piped into the air for the Open House, because I constantly found myself having to run to the basement to pee, too. I don't know if you read the description I linked to in the IIT post about working at OMA, but you should ask Tina about her experiences there- it sounds like an equally fascinating and maddening process, an I'd be curious what she had to say about it. Certainly generates pretty interesting stuff.

      Nov 1, 06 2:30 am  · 
      vado retro

      i remember when i was an undergrad at iu. we went to a denny's after the bar on halloweeen and their were these white girlz dressed as the supremes and they were sitting next to some unhappy lookin african americans... mind if we dance with your dates...

      Nov 1, 06 8:35 am  · 

      I'm ashamed to admit this on many levels, but one of my first Halloweens here in NYC, my girlfriend and I decided to do a couples costume (shame 1) as Salt & Pepper (not the rappers- Shame 2). Being poor creative types, she wore a white t-shirt with a big letter S on the front, white face makeup and a pie pan with holes poked in the top for the shaker top. I wore basically the same, only black, and with a giant P on the front of my shirt (final shame). Try walking through the West Village in packed crowds in blackface and you will know the feeling of a thousands cold dead stares piercing your soul. Whoops....

      Nov 1, 06 10:49 pm  · 

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