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    By Hasselhoff
    May 4, '06 9:52 PM EST

    Greetings. Long time no blog. The semester is long over, well a week over and I again had another cracked out, dazed up review.

    So we had a pretty good jury. Rotating throughout the day was Julio of course, Sean Keller, Mark Kocent, Sean Rickenbacker, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, David Leatherbarrow, and Mack Scogin. It was cool to have a group of guys that build stuff rather than a bunch of Spirograph addicts. I'm not going to go off on these self-proclaimed science/math experts again. FOOLS! So I went in the middle of the review order, right after lunch. I had the whole gang other than Leatherbarrow and Kocent. My boards looked pretty ugly just because I've never been good at laying out boards, but these were particularly unattractive. The individual drawings weren't bad, but the layout overall was ugly as Slash in a Speedo. Anyway, I was feeling fairly awake considering the 5 hours of sleep I'd had in the 3 days prior. I gave my jibba jabba and all seemed to go fine. Then Srdjan asks “Did you make the site model?” and I said “No, we made it as a class.” “Why?” asks Srdjan. I kind of looked around, not knowing how to respond. I knew the answer, but luckily Julio pipes up and says, “I asked them to make it.” (That was what I wanted to say, but figured that's not what you're supposed to say.) The Srdjan asks, “Do you like it?” To which I answered, “I guess it's pretty good.” And like a Scooby-Doo cartoon, the stairs turned into a ramp and I slid the whole way down. Any adrenaline that was keeping me sharp was gone. I have no idea how long my review went on. I noticed a lot of people coming in and out and leaving because I just stood there nodding and giggling when asked a question. I had NO idea what was going on or what people were asking me. I seriously think I was standing there for about 45 minutes. I think they were asking good questions, but I was so far gone by that point. But, they liked my project, which was cool. I have a lot more pride when someone like Mack Scogin says “I wish I could make some of the moves you chose to make” then when one of those math-fools tell me they liked the rigor of my Fibonacci sequence. Although, Scogin said he wishes I could explain why I made such moves. Scogin also said that I have an “incredible architectural talent” with “great potential,” but that I need to challenge myself. And I totally agree with the challenge myself thing. I don't. I just haven't really been compelled to take it to the next level. Maybe I will next semester. I may punish myself with Wesley Wei if he is back. From what I understand when he is good he rocks, and when he is bad, he sucks. The work from the fall 2005 studio looked really cool. So it's a gamble.

    That night after going to dinner with Julio and a few other students, I slept for 14 hours. Delicious.

    I thought I was done with that project, but I got an email and they might be putting it in the StudioWorks book. It's cool to be considered again (I was in it last year), but when you think you are done only to have to render up some stuff before you clean out studio, that kind of sucks. Oh well, maybe I'll be “published” again. I guess they ask two people from each studio to submit stuff then they choose a few.

    Photo review was uneventful but also delicious because he brought donuts. It was cool though, he liked my work and hoped I would take his photo journalism class, but I don't really have time. I'd like to take it, but Photo I was hard enough to find time to get it all in and do it well. Most of my photos were super simple, and like the architect in training that I am, there are no people in my photos haha. That bumbling kid from the beginning actually ended up with some really nice work by the end. You know, after he stopped trying to develop film with stop bath.

    I went home on the weekend for a baptism. My best friend from high school already has two freakin' kids! Guess I'm getting old (I don't say growing up, because that's certainly not true).

    Finally rockin' a 2GB memory card in my D50. It's sweet. I'll probably go out and shoot tomorrow.

    I went to an undergrad party last night. I know it goes against my hatred of undergrads, but it was a going away party for some international students, so I wanted to see my two friends off. Although it was weird to only know two people and be at least 5 years older than everyone (in some cases 8 years). It's not that much older I guess, but there is a huge disconnect between a sophomore and someone that has worked and is back in grad school. Interesting though. I took candy sushi that I made. It took two hours. I was bored. I will probably hang out with the two girls though when I am in Japan. I talked to my lady friend and we might go up to Tokyo on a free weekend. Speaking of Japan this summer, I Googled the dudes from MIT and Yale who will also be going and they are intimidating. They have like...done stuff. You Google me and you find a fat mafia guy and an article about me melting rocks as an undergrad. WOO.

    My current agenda until I leave is to beat Prince of Persia 3, King Kong and Gun. I also want to sleep a lot and do nothing. Oh yeah, and go to NYC and get my visa. I guess I need to buy a suit too, and some underpants.

    Ramble ramble ramble. I'm done...for now.
    By the way, I am stuck in the PC lab doing work study tonight, hence the massive document.


    • liberty bell

      Hasselhoff, I will sincerely miss your ramblings and hilarious/insightful commentary if you stop blogging. "Like Scooby Doo down the ramp"....brilliant - I love reading your stuff.

      Congrats on a semester done and good luck on the Japan trip - honestly, can you keep the blog going as a report from Japan?

      Have a great summer.

      May 4, 06 10:11 pm  · 
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      My favorite part in Gun is when you shoot flaming arrows with a pistol. Think about it, shooting something with a target profile as small as an arrow. If this was 1878 (whatever), I would just jump on my horse and hightail it away from Dodge.

      May 4, 06 10:59 pm  · 

      LB-Don't worry. I plan to keep up the shenanigans while in Japan. If the last trip is any indication, I should have a lot of stories. From live shrimp, to weird toilets, to me being famous.

      My favorite part in Gun is the plethora of racial slurs. Good lord is that game not PC. It's hilarious though. I also like Kris Kristopherson cursing at you. And the fight over the prostitute. The funny thing is, I became familiar with King Kong and Gun through...MY MOM! Yeah, she has a PS2 that we got her for Xmas last year because the PS1 wore out. She likes Tomb Raider.

      May 5, 06 2:37 am  · 
      May 5, 06 1:06 pm  · 
      liberty bell

      Oh god Hasselhoff don't tell me you ate a live shrimp.....I heard a story about that once on This American Life that still haunts me. Mercy.

      May 5, 06 1:14 pm  · 

      Hell no! My friend did though. I lost my appitite for a good...30 seconds. It was NASTY. He got this big pile of raw stuff (he's this Chinese-Hawiian guy, benches 982348 pounds, kinda looks like the rock, eats constantly, likes fish heads and eyes). There is a shrimp cut in half on the top of the stack. Tail next to body. The chef pokes it and starts laughing and the legs and antenna start going nuts. My friend is just kind of stunned and says "uhhh." So he puts it in his soy sauce plate and the thing goes crazy (maybe the burning? just maybe ha). So then he puts it under a dish so he can't see it anymore (but the antenna are sticking out and waving). He ate the tail because it wasn't doing anything. Eventually he says "The only way for me to save you, is to eat you." So he jams a chopstick down its back, rips off the shell and eats it. Both his Korean girlfriend and I shuddered. Gross.

      May 5, 06 2:59 pm  · 

      what a heartwarming story!

      May 5, 06 4:55 pm  · 

      you seem to remember quite specific comments from the review for being so 'delerious' fact you were so delerious that you couldn't utter any response?....nothing? yet you remember the specific things that were said? are you sure that you just had no idea what you really did all semester?

      May 5, 06 5:12 pm  · 

      My friend wrote it down and told me afterwards. You know, there are like...other people there. Thanks for your concern!

      Turns out I was wrong. I didn't even nod and giggle. I did nothing.

      May 5, 06 11:42 pm  · 
      the silent observer

      Congratulations on another year done! You should post some of your drawings...or some of your photos...share the eye candy.

      Though your crit seemed like a blur to you, I have to admit that I used to dream about having comments like those made to you. Alas, 1) we never had amazing critics like yours, and 2) I pretty much sucked ass at cool presentation drawings.

      May 6, 06 6:05 am  · 

      that was fun, and so was your blog.

      sorry about samsonite. He sounds like one of those ancient Hamptonites that say "i can't tonight" by candlelight. An asshole and an opinion.
      Show us a sample of the work so samsonite can act like an uneventful prick again.
      grats on a fun and amusing blog.

      May 6, 06 5:40 pm  · 

      oooh, ruffeled a few feathers ey? 10pm, it sounds like maybe you've had a similar review and never really got over it. Its too bad when in architecture having an opinion makes one a prick or asshole. Perhaps you have none, but those who do are surely not pricks. Even hasselhof himself formulated an honest opinion of the review...and even clairfied that his friend wrote comments down. yet you just fly off the deep end and exhibit realtively low levels of intelligence while trying to maintain your own self integrity by attacking my comments.

      May 8, 06 11:44 am  · 

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