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    Welcome Home!!

    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 2, '06 3:24 AM EST

    Just a short one for now. More to follow. But here was my greeting to Philly!

    POSTED: 2:06 p.m. EDT, September 1, 2006

    PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A couple found a man raping a young woman in their driveway and tried to flee with her but were shot to death by the attacker, police said.

    The teenager was also shot and was expected to recover, police said. A suspect was arrested.

    The couple came upon the attack when returning to their home in the Fern Rock neighborhood from a night out late Wednesday, police said.

    The 18-year-old woman broke free and began screaming about the assault, and she and the couple then fled while the attacker fired at them with a semiautomatic handgun, according to police.

    The three tried to hide nearby, but the assailant found them and fired more shots as they lay on the ground, Chief Inspector Joseph Fox said.

    "It sounds like it was all happening in a matter of seconds," Fox said.

    The names of the couple were being withheld pending notification of family.

    Kevin White, 24, of Philadelphia, was arrested a short time later and will be charged with murder, rape, aggravated assault and other offenses, Fox said. Police said they recovered a gun during the arrest.

    The attack was one of six shootings -- two of them fatal -- overnight in Philadelphia.


    • postal

      haha... for some reason every year something horrible would happen during orientation week on campus... freshman year there was a shooting between four guys on campus, sophmore year there was a body on the steps to the gym, junior or senior year a security guard committed suicide... all the good stuff that you love to phone home to your mom about

      Sep 2, 06 3:50 pm  · 

      Some Wharton prof got fired for kiddie porn or something this year.

      Sep 2, 06 6:57 pm  · 

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