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    By Hasselhoff
    Oct 6, '06 11:24 AM EST

    I being the other Penn student, exceedingly lacking in intellectual motivation, did not go to the lecture, went home, watched Star Wars on VHS, made a big pot of chili, worked on a mix CD and then had a dream that I was awarded some weird prize. The prize was that I was given a trip to China, married to a Chinese princess and had to miss midreview for our marital tour around China. The other night I had a dream that I was graduating. Following the speech, I threw a carton of eggs at Meyerson. I then woke up and was really happy for like 30 seconds and then I realized it was a dream and was really pissed.

    Ummm, phenotypic plasticity, monoclinic crystal structures, polypeptide, generative, synaptic protein sheath. And stuff.


    • treekiller

      have you heard that some arch students tried to burn meyerson down right after it was built?

      they learned that concrete doesn't burn very well... I think you can see some smoke stains on the second floor studio's ceilings.

      Oct 6, 06 12:15 pm  · 

      I've heard about that. THey tore down the partition walls in the studios, therefore ruining the design of the HVAC system and making it one uncomfortable beotch.

      Oct 6, 06 12:27 pm  · 

      That is true.

      Oct 6, 06 2:29 pm  · 
      vado retro

      chili that sounds really good. a chinese princess sounds really good too.

      Oct 6, 06 9:56 pm  · 

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