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    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 11, '06 5:16 PM EST

    Classes haven't really started up yet. I had photography yesterday morning with a bunch of undergrads, and don't have anything again until tomorrow morning. I had a nice evening off and a whole day. Saw Wedding Crashers last night. Damn that's funny. I hadn't seen it yet because it was in the theater while I was in Japan. I went to the camera shop and dropped $100 on some supplies for class. That is in addition to my $92 textbook edition of "Photography for Dumbies." Seriously, this book looks no different than any other beginners' photo book, but since it's a textbook, they bend you over.

    Tomorrow is the first day of studio with Julio Salcedo Fernandez. We only meet twice a week for 6 hours each this semester, rather than 3 times at 4 hours. Typically I will have studio on Monday and Wednesday. We have heard from a former GSD CD instructor that he is good. He could be the total wild card. We are all just really in the dark because of his archibabble presentation on Monday. One guy in my studio emailed out critic to ask him what the breif meant. He said he will discuss it tomorrow.

    I picked up David Adjaye Houses book today. I looked at it on my friend's desk and I like his work. He's teaching at Penn this semester for the 700 level. I'll be interested to see their work. I also like RCR Arquitectos from Spain. I would like their book also, but I'll need to order it from Spain. I can't find anyone, local or online, that carries it in the US.

    Since I've been doing nothing all day, here are some things of interest.

    I need to hit the gym more often. I weigh 5 pounds more than Carrot Top and don't have abs and guns like that. Although I am totally DEZIEL! I hope he's like 4 feet tall.


    Hopefully I can update the studio mystery tomorrow.

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