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  • That was it?

    By Hasselhoff
    May 12, '07 12:02 PM EST

    I had thought about how to culminate my 2 years of blogging now that I'm finally done. And really, once the final review was over, I just didn't really feel like spending too much time writing about it anymore.

    You probably noticed that I didn't blog much this semester. It was just such a neutral semester, that I had nothing to blog about for the most part. It was by far, the easiest semester I've had in architecture school, and maybe any of my 7 years in higher ed. Well, maybe not my last semester in undergrad. Although I did write a big paper that yeah, maybe it was the easiest. I didn't pull any all nighters. Hell, there were days where I didn't do any work at all in the research phase. Literally, as a group, we would say on Thursday "Ok, see you Tuesday." Some people in the studio would show up once a week, etc. But the projects were all respectable.

    I had KTA and really liked them. They are incredibly smart, intuitive guys. The downside was the 11 weeks of boring research we did before 4 weeks of design. But the interaction with them during that design phase was really great. In the end, my group came up with a pretty cool project that was very well received at the final review. It may end up in the Work 2006/2007 booklet (that thing they send out in early spring) and may be exhibited at the AIA NY. So it was like...2/3 really boring, with a cherry on top.

    On Monday I graduate. Not terribly excited. The climax was on April 30th after we presented and you hear "Ok, thanks. That was great, but we have to move on." Then you're done. Monday is listening to a boring speech and just wasting my time so I can finally get a transcript that says "Graduated" on it so I can finally apply for my work visa. I've been F'ing around here waiting, so I can finally apply for my visa. During my interview, I told my future employer that I thought I could start mid June. But now, with the paperwork, etc two weeks+ behind, I have no idea when I'll be heading out. So it will be a month or two sitting around at my parents' house in Leave it to Beaver, PA. My friends scattered around the globe and me with no car. I hope I don't get all fat and stuff. Here I do a lot of walking and go to the gym, but there you have to drive everywhere and well, with no car I couldn't get to the gym nor do I have a membership.

    But, sometime this summer, probably late June, early July, I will move to Tokyo for Hasselhoff's Terrifying Adeventures in Japan. My first real architecture job, and first job in three years, is daunting enough, let alone the fact that it's in Japan, and my Japanese is terrible so far. I understand more than I can speak, I understand the grammar and kind of the theory of Japanese, but that doesn't help me communicate. I don't have anywhere to stay at first until I find my own place (everyone I know is in the Kyoto/Kobe/Osaka region). I get big-time taxed my first year. As a non-resident alien, tax is about 20%, but in the second year when i become a resident alien, it drops to 3%. And, Japanese pay is typically a little lower (comperable, but lower) because people don't have student loans, they may live at home, etc. So it will be a bit tight for the first year. So we'll see what happens. Should be, exciting? Ha. Nevertheless, I'm totally excited and ready to go. I've been selling all my stuff left and right and will go over with almost nothing. Just me, my suit, my laptop and my sweet, sweet Nintendo DS. It will be an adventure and I think I'll learn a lot.

    Oh, and how can I forget a final rant on Philly? So last weekend I went to see Spiderman 3 with my friend. I don't really know what happened because the entire movie was clouded by jackasses yelling, cursing and talking on their phones the whole time. Phones kept ringing the whole time! And people don't embarassedly turn them off, THEY TALK! So after enduring 2.5 hours of people laughing at every little thing that wasn't even remotely funny (and I laugh at a lot of stuff) or not understanding the plot (it's F'ing Spiderman for God's sake), we went to Ben & Jerry's. There were three people behind the counter, none of whom were working. We stood their waiting while the one guy proclaimed how gay he was, and this fat chick just sat there on a box laughing. The other guy appeared to be doing something, but not really. Finally they the semi-worker took our order. During this time though, literally 15 customers walked out. It's no wonder you walk down Chestnut around 14th and every other shop is vacant. People just don't care about anything. There is not even the smallest sense of care or pride in any aspect of people's lives. Not that B&J is an amazing job, but I know when I was 16 working in the mall or even 22 working in Target when I couldn't find a job after college, I did my job. Then the next day I go to deposit a check, both ATMs are down and the pen is smashed all over the wall. The bank branch is 1 year old. Then the next day, I went into center city to do some work clothes shopping since Japanese clothes tend not to fit me. I may as well asked strangers on the street for help because I went in 3-4 different stores and it was impossible to get any help. Pile on the screaming homeless guys (some F'ing 20 something dude grabbed my arm), trash floating around in the streets and all that other bunk, and all I can say is, "Philly, sniff you jerks later."

    This should have been played before Spiderman (it's from the ATHF movie):

    Don't talk, watch!
    Don't talk, watch!
    You came here. Watch it.
    Don't like it? Walk out.
    We still have all your ****ing money.

    Do not nudge, kick or jiggle the seat in front of you.
    I'm sitting there!
    I am everywhere at once
    and I will cut you up.

    If you make out here,
    I will cut your lips and tongue
    from your head
    with a linoleum knife.

    Do not explain the plot.
    If you don't understand, then you should not be here.
    Your money is our money
    and we will spend it on drugs.

    Do not crinkle your food wrappers loudly.
    Be considerate to others,
    or I will bite your torso
    and give you a disease.

    Did you bring your baby?
    Babies don't watch this.
    Take the seed outside. Leave it in the streets.
    Run over it after the show.

    If I see you videotaping this movie,
    Satan will rain down your throat with hot acid
    and dissolve your testicles
    and turn your guts into snakes.

    This is copyrighted movie for Time Warner.
    If I find that you've sold it on eBay,
    I will break into your house
    and tear your wife in half.

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    By Hasselhoff
    Apr 16, '07 6:50 PM EST

    At approximately 11:00am on April 16, 2007, there was an attempted auto theft from a University of Pennsylvania garage near 32nd and Convention Avenue. The garage attendant and supervisor, witnessed the attempted auto theft, and confronted the offender, at which point he brandished a weapon, and... View full entry

  • March 1

    By Hasselhoff
    Mar 1, '07 12:41 AM EST

    T minus 2 months. View full entry

  • Blog?

    By Hasselhoff
    Feb 11, '07 3:58 PM EST

    Seems like everyone else is blogging so here it goes. I like Mario Kart. My mom adopted a red panda in my name for Valentines Day. .... View full entry

  • Grand Piano

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 26, '07 12:41 AM EST

    Interesting news. We received an email a few weeks back from Gary Hack inviting all students to a meeting about the future of PennDesign's home. I don't want to call it the new Meyerson Hall because it will surely have a different name, like Trump Golden T-Square Park or something. For years... View full entry

  • Second Life

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 20, '07 10:51 AM EST

    So yesterday afternoon I decided to see what all the hype was about with Second Life. Contrary to the coolness rating it has receive in magazines and online articles, it is perhaps the ultimate lameness. It seems like it should be pretty cool, from articles, until you realize that in order to... View full entry

  • Let the games begin...2 weeks ago.

    By Hasselhoff
    Jan 18, '07 10:46 AM EST

    Sorry it took so long to post, but I don't have really anything to talk about. I'm part time this semester, just studio and professional practice. I have KTA. Basically I will graduate with one more credit than we need and save about $4000 by going PT. There were some cool classes to take had I... View full entry

  • ...making toys out of dino bones and his own waste!

    By Hasselhoff
    Dec 21, '06 11:18 PM EST

    I've been getting a lot of crap from people for not blogging lately. The semester went mostly smoothly and Tina was an awesome critic. Honestly I really don't have much to say. It was good, I learned a lot, I produced more than usual, and made a building that I actually like. I think I gave up a... View full entry

  • 100.5

    By Hasselhoff
    Dec 1, '06 10:39 PM EST

    I had planned a more detailed blog, but things got sticky. So the Monday before Thanksgiving, we had our silent review. It was a pretty interesting concept. Basically, we pinned up our boards, never revealed who was who, and just listened to comments. I had a total nervous breakdown the Saturday... View full entry

  • Google Earth it!

    By Hasselhoff
    Nov 14, '06 9:25 PM EST

    Just a short blog this week. I'm pretty busy. We have a silent review on Monday. Should be interesting. Basically, we pin up boards, and can't defend them. They have to speak for themselves. I'm a little nervous because my boards always suck. Good individual images, terrible layouts. Then that... View full entry

  • I want a toy train for Christmas

    By Hasselhoff
    Nov 7, '06 9:25 PM EST

    First off, I want a free limited edition “Architecture Sucks” shirt. Black, large would be nice thank you  I also want this. We've had two pretty good lectures in a week. As I've said, I'm not much for lectures because it's usually a jargon fest. By the way, according to... View full entry

  • Stupid Penn Undergrads + (updated)

    By Hasselhoff
    Oct 31, '06 9:23 PM EST

    >>Update to original post View full entry

  • Dead people and trains

    By Hasselhoff
    Oct 24, '06 10:38 PM EST

    Last Thursday we had midreview. It was a packed house with 6 critics on our jury. It went fairly well, but I'm not going to get into it too much because hell, 95% of the people on this site have been through it or are going through it. It sucks and no one wants to relive reviews vicariously... View full entry

  • Nippon ga suki desu.

    By Hasselhoff
    Oct 17, '06 9:07 PM EST

    I've got to keep this one short since mid-review is on Thursday. But I'm at work in the PC lab and it's very difficult to get any real work done here. Plus, I have to do one last entry during my week as featured blogger. By the way, that was a terrifying sight to see upon first waking up!... View full entry

  • NYC + VRay Evaluation

    By Hasselhoff
    Oct 10, '06 8:49 PM EST

    On Monday we went up to New York (up is relative to Philly...I guess?) to visit our sites and the UN. Our first site visit was Lincoln Center. I will probably choose that site since I am attempting to bring the truths of genetic research to the public, so i can some how create a "science... View full entry

  • NLSO-Other view

    By Hasselhoff
    Oct 6, '06 11:24 AM EST

    I being the other Penn student, exceedingly lacking in intellectual motivation, did not go to the lecture, went home, watched Star Wars on VHS, made a big pot of chili, worked on a mix CD and then had a dream that I was awarded some weird prize. The prize was that I was given a trip to China... View full entry

  • Old Skool Philly Back Again...

    By Hasselhoff
    Oct 3, '06 9:50 PM EST

    Sorry for the lack of blogging to my fans. Adrienne (ex-Penn blogger) and Stynger gave me crap the other day for not writing anything lately. So I guess I can break it down and write it up. I'm only taking 4 credits this semester (3 classes). It costs the same to take 4 or 5, but the savings isn't... View full entry

  • Brain Scan

    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 29, '06 3:38 PM EST

    Additionally, one of my students(?)/guys that I TA wanted me to tell y'all about this guy he saw in West Philly using an orange juice carton like a phone. I thought that was pretty cool. I will add my own tale of panhandling. This enormous woman in maroon stretch pants comes waddling up to me at... View full entry

  • The Usual

    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 23, '06 1:57 PM EST

    I haven't posted to my blog in a while because nothing has really happened. I have Tina Manis for a studio critic and I think she is going to be good. We're still in the researchy phase, so there hasn't been that much interaction yet, but what I have had has been good. I think I prefer female... View full entry

  • First real day of class

    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 11, '06 9:59 PM EST

    Today was our first day of studio. I got my first choice, Tina Manis. I chose her studio because she is a practicing architect and she mentioned space and materials in her presentation! We are starting out by researching the UN and propaganda, which we will merge into a studio book by next... View full entry


    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 2, '06 11:57 PM EST

    Sorry to the fans for the delay. The last few weeks in Japan were great. I will just quickly summarize because I'm lazy. For my vacation week I headed to Yokohama and spent time with my friend Yukino and her family (Kumi was jealous, texting me that she was going to fight Yukichan). I saw the FOA... View full entry

  • Welcome Home!!

    By Hasselhoff
    Sep 2, '06 3:24 AM EST

    Just a short one for now. More to follow. But here was my greeting to Philly! POSTED: 2:06 p.m. EDT, September 1, 2006 PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A couple found a man raping a young woman in their driveway and tried to flee with her but were shot to death by the attacker, police said. The... View full entry

  • Trouble

    By Hasselhoff
    Aug 20, '06 11:06 AM EST

    So yeah. I don't think I really give two shits about "architectural discourse." The MIT and Yale guy were down in the cafeteria talking about real, actual architecture. Not weird theory or swarms or something. I listened for like 5 minutes, realized I could contribute nothing and didn't really... View full entry

  • Falling to pieces, somebody put me together

    By Hasselhoff
    Aug 7, '06 10:03 PM EST

    I've come to the realization that Japan is rotting my body. Last night I noticed thick dead skin between my toes that was red and irritated below. My toe nails are also turning yellow. I blame that on the gang shower (sure they call it ofuro here, honorable bath). I think I finally figured out why... View full entry


    By Hasselhoff
    Aug 3, '06 9:00 AM EST

    こんばんわ I can't believe it's August. The clock is now ticking. Sure it's still almost a month until I come home, but I can see the end now. In June, the time was so long that it seemed to approach infinity. Now I literally have to schedule when I will see people... View full entry


    By Hasselhoff
    Jul 26, '06 12:04 PM EST

    Konbanwa, Work is still mostly the same. I just sit around playing with 3ds Max because they have nothing for me to do. I've just been practicing lighting and modeling tricks, doing online tutorials and such. It's good though because I wanted to practice, but never had the motivation to put the... View full entry

  • In your freakin' face

    By Hasselhoff
    Jul 23, '06 10:12 AM EST

    So I tore myself away from Nintendo DS for a few hours to make this. I hope you like it.Photo Blog Archive View full entry

  • Yeah, there are typos

    By Hasselhoff
    Jul 19, '06 10:35 AM EST

    Nothing can compare to the macho dance, but it's been a fun couple of days. Last Friday, in honor of my English/Japanese training with Yamamori (山森) which generally revolves around cats, I gave her a children's book in English about cats. It was hilarious. She was bright red and... View full entry

  • Ahh Get that crap out of my face.

    By Hasselhoff
    Jul 18, '06 10:19 AM EST

    Chinatsu taunting me at lunch today (with Kumi who dusted me with pink glitter). View full entry

  • Macho macho man!

    By Hasselhoff
    Jul 13, '06 11:19 AM EST

    Blah blah blah, work, yada yada yada. Yamamori and I continue to “teach” each other our native languages. She was looking through my dictionary the other day, started giggling and said “I am ass.” I think that was probably the funniest thing I've heard in a long... View full entry

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