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    By Hasselhoff
    Mar 10, '06 10:17 PM EST

    It's spring break here at PennDesign. I visited with my parents for a few days out in boring land suburban PA. While there I worked on studio and watched Harry Potter. I was also treated to a musical produced by my 94 year old grandmother at her retirement community. It was...interesting. Even at 94, my grandma is a total diva. She was wearing those big old people sunglasses, at night, inside. She was the DirecTOR and produ”SORE”. For a bunch of ancient people it wasn't too bad. Some of those people could actually still belt out an old Sinatra number. Everyone had fun and it made my grandma happy, so it was cool.

    Now I'm back in Philly, doing less work than I was doing at my parents'. I should have stayed there. Since coming back, I have watched about 5 movies, watched season 3 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, played guitar, slept and spent most of yesterday trying to copy a VHS to DVD. But the VCR set-up is being a pain in the neck. I may have to copy it to DV first, then DV to DVD. When I was visiting my friend Tomoko in Japan, her brother gave me this concert tape, which I later realized cost him about $50 and it was from his personal collection. I want to copy it to DVD and send it to him. I did make a sweet intro though. Tomoko might come to visit me right after classes finish up which would be awesome. Last time I saw her was mid-July when I stayed with her family for 9 days. Before that was February of 2004. We don't see each other much. I told her I would take her to Morimoto.

    Class wise I'm starting to freak out slightly (not enough to avoid blogging and making DVD intros). It's just a really packed week at a time when I could use a rest. My mid-review is Wednesday and then Thursday I have mid-review for Surfaces/Effects, hence why I'm in studio and not off having fun somewhere. I've got some sort of crappy OMA mated with HdM rip off building starting to appear, which is good since I need a building. As of now it would still fall over if built. And it's just awkward. Julio seems to like it, so maybe we can make something that is good for final. Here are some early kind of massings. I will add detail in CAD for my drawings. It will have some Seattle Library-esque skin since I have pretty much no originality whatsoever.





    I'm not exactly sure what our requirements are for S/E, but I have to do something for that too.

    Tuesday I have some prints due for photography as well as some one page essay which I didn't start. It's easy. All we have to do is find a photo and write why we like it, what's good, etc. I just haven't done it. I also need to shoot two rolls of film. Unfortunately they are night shots, so I will probably have to buy a new camera seeing as mine will probably get stolen if I go anywhere interesting at night.

    At some point I need to start thinking about my essays for Professional Practice. I can put that off until the weekend.

    I got an A on that wall project. Not that they don't hand out A's like candy anyway. I've only gotten one B since I've been here.

    On top of that I'm trying to fix up my portfolio since it's almost job hunting season. Ok, now I'm panicking AHHHHHH! Anyone want to help?

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    • the silent observer

      I'd offer to help...if I wasn't in exactly the same position...but, panicking is good right? That's what I keep telling myself as I breathe into this paper bag...

      Mar 11, 06 9:13 am  · 

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