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    Falling to pieces, somebody put me together

    By Hasselhoff
    Aug 7, '06 10:03 PM EST

    I've come to the realization that Japan is rotting my body. Last night I noticed thick dead skin between my toes that was red and irritated below. My toe nails are also turning yellow. I blame that on the gang shower (sure they call it ofuro here, honorable bath). I think I finally figured out why I'm always tired. One curtain in my room is thick, the other is thin. So at 5:00am when the sun comes up, it lights up my room and wakes me up and I can't get back into a deep sleep. Sucks. Also, we eat a lot of carbs and not much veggies, so I think that just slows you down. A lot of food coma feeling. Rice and pasta in the same meal with a side of daikon and potato. I've started eating Tums for calcium (and noticed my teeth getting whiter, maybe just a coincidence) and taking vitamins and glucosamine because my joints have started to hurt, that could be the restless sleep. Other than after the 60 minute massage by Kumi, my body feels pretty junk. She is a professional and charges $300/hour, so it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.


    • don' worry hasselhoff. it is normal.

      no joke, all of the people who come here for the first time have reactions like yours after a few months. hair falls out, lose weight, gain weight, get infections in their feets...

      i don't know why, and maybe it ain't really everyone, but most of my friends get/got something weird. i suppose it could be stress, or maybe it is a kind of acclimatisation. something in the water, i dunno.

      but, it is normal, and will pass...if you stay long enough.

      Aug 8, 06 6:54 am  · 

      That sounds like athlete's foot and toenail fungus! The latter is supposed to be hard to get rid of. Yikes.

      Aug 8, 06 8:53 am  · 

      sounds like the pieces of your feet keep crumblin' away

      Aug 8, 06 9:10 am  · 

      hold on, you know the equilibrium must be there (somewhere)

      Aug 8, 06 10:05 am  · 

      Glad everyone understood the reference.

      Aug 8, 06 10:43 am  · 

      get medicine for your toenails sooner rather than later... if the you don't get the infection out quickly, it will get into the root of your toenail, and be almost impossible to get rid of. if you let it slide for a long time, your toenails will begin to fall out/separate from the nail bed.

      seeing as though your in school, i would use that school insurance while you can if you have it.

      Aug 8, 06 10:39 pm  · 

      I'll keep an eye on it. I think they are actually ok. When I get home in 3 weeks, if they are nasty, I'll go to the health center.

      Aug 9, 06 12:03 am  · 

      I got athletes foot in those showers last year. There is a pharmacy on the first floor of the SELVA department store near Konan Yamate (the one with the UNIQLO in it). Ask the guy (pharmacist?) in the white coat in the back for Lamasil--its on a shelf near the back--and start putting it on twice a day. It took me months to get rid of the stuff after I came back to the US.

      Aug 15, 06 5:41 pm  · 

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