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    Mild Frustration

    By Hasselhoff
    Feb 5, '06 10:08 PM EST

    Photo I is slightly frustrating because I don't really have the time to have fun with it. I'm in class most of the day which makes it hard to do high speed photos and shadow rich shots. I end up with maybe 30 minutes at the end of the day to run around campus shooting the library or something. I'm going to have 934 rolls of photos of Meyerson and Furness. Really my only days to shoot are on the weekend and this weekend has been mostly cloudy (I know, can be good, but not for the current assignments). What makes it worse is that we were assigned to shoot and process two rolls in a week, yet print s aren't due for over a month. I suppose I can always go out and reshoot those for final critque. I just really want to have fun and take some cool photos, but just don't have the time. All the undergrads come in with shots from all over the city while mine are from the corner when I had 10 free minutes between classes while it was still sunny.

    Speaking of undergrads, why is it, everytime I'm walking down Locust Walk there is at least one WASP-y undergrad girl crying into her cell phone? You're an undergrad. Your life is reading a few chapters, doing your calc homework and playing Nintendo. Shut off! I hate undergrads. I know, I know, I was one once too, but I don't think I acted like these kids. The undergrads here are some of the most intolerable people I have ever encountered. Not all of them, but damn, there are some real pieces of work here.


    • liberty bell

      When I moved to Philly in 1990 cell phones were still not ubiquitous. For the first year I was there I thought of Philly as "the town where women scream at their boyfriends on every corner payphone".

      Feb 5, 06 10:32 pm  · 
      job job

      liberty bell, that's tooo funny - what an image. every traffic light is accompanied by 'I NEVER SAID THAT ABOUT YOUR MOTHER!!!'

      hasselhoff, i'm guessing mitzi had a fight with her bff, found a pimple, is late with an essay and is now phoning home. later you can find her shopping at the CCD

      Feb 6, 06 10:12 am  · 

      your posts are always so engaging...and now i sense you lingering dangerously close to being on a cell outside starbucks with teary eyes. take a break, dude. really, you'll work faster. you have the perfect out -- guilt free -- take your fabu camera on an adventure. you'll return to meyerson a better architect. you can take septa from 30th street to reading terminal market in like 5 minutes. bring your sketchbook, eat amish food. exhibitions? yup, the ica, a block from your building, has an exhibit up about architecture and the fabric workshop (by reading terminal market) has one curated by ellen lupton, curator of contemp. design at the cooper-hewitt. or just go to the white dog and get drunk, that might do it too. however, i would not suggest a brown bag 40 in studio, that would be missing the point. cheers.

      Feb 8, 06 12:16 am  · 

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