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  • Katrina Info

    By adrienne
    Sep 2, '05 4:13 PM EST

    Just wanted to make a quick post for any students that have been displaced by the starts for us next week, after labor day. the university is doing its best to try and open up as many spaces as possible, and the city of Philadelphia is working to house families that have been... View full entry

  • Sorry for disappearing

    By adrienne
    May 16, '05 8:13 PM EST

    Sorry I never followed up after our final review. Things have been spiraling quickly since then. Our review went pretty well, although many of us didn't get too much feedback, it was more of a laid-back review. One of the fun thinks that we did was to publish magazine covers for our projects. It... View full entry

  • Concert line??? No it's just for the laser cutter

    By adrienne
    Apr 24, '05 10:48 AM EST

    I had to document the craziness that is the laser cutter line before final reviews. Apparently the line started at 5:30 am and the sign up is not until 1pm. The pictures can't capture the extent of the line or the frustration of the people in it. The line wraps around the hallway and as of 11 am... View full entry

  • increase caffine levels STAT!

    By adrienne
    Apr 19, '05 12:41 PM EST

    Apologies for not posting in so long, but i am officially swamped. Material Effects ends on Thursday so I am building models and diagramming like a champ. Then it is back to studio for final review next Thursday. Meanwhile I am trying to squeeze in work for Daylighting and Professional Practice... View full entry

  • steel fabricators are cool

    By adrienne
    Apr 1, '05 4:30 PM EST

    we just got back from a steel fabrication plant field trip. it was pretty amazing to see the sheer size of some of the pieces and the processes of drilling, cutting and welding. it made me realize that architecture really comes down to a processing of material, which is something that can be... View full entry

  • demolition is cool

    By adrienne
    Mar 22, '05 12:39 PM EST

    as a break from studio a few of us have been taking field trips to observe the demolition of the old convention center, which is right down the street from our building. While it is a bit sad to watch them tear it down, the process has been pretty amazing to see. One of my studiomates has been... View full entry

  • are graduate students just a bunch of whiners?

    By adrienne
    Mar 17, '05 2:22 PM EST

    As you have probably gathered if you have been following my semester, we have been struggling with the issue of teacher attendance a bit. After we approached our critic about this, it really turned out to be just a case of miscommunication rather than a lack of interest on his part. Things have... View full entry

  • spring break ends and i didn't even go to cancun!

    By adrienne
    Mar 14, '05 8:59 AM EST

    Well here we are back from spring break. I am a little nervous because i didn't do much work or thinking about work over the break at all, but I think that might turn out to be a good thing. Maybe the time away will result in brilliant inspirations for all my classes...maybe not... I spent the... View full entry

  • My First Crit

    By adrienne
    Feb 26, '05 4:54 PM EST

    I got my first actual desk crit of the semester this week with David Turnbull! Scheduling conflicts have set our studio a bit off balance, but it was nice to get some feedback on the work that we have been doing so far. I am still really worried about midreview next week though. I just feel like... View full entry

  • itunes capers and death by stench

    By adrienne
    Feb 17, '05 11:58 PM EST

    I think i am dying a slow death from the smell that continues to eminate from our clogged sink. Many a brave maintenance man has come to try and conquer her festering pipes with the finest plungers available, each time facing the horrible stench that awaits them beyond the makeshift particle board... View full entry

  • Slots in the City and a stinky sink

    By adrienne
    Feb 14, '05 2:35 PM EST

    Well the big charette is over and alas my team didn't win. i would say it was a good experience overall and was a big help in rethinking my studio project since it dealt with the same subject. Three of my studiomates were paired with a city planner and a wharton student. Unfortunately the wharton... View full entry

  • The Big Charrette Begins

    By adrienne
    Feb 10, '05 10:13 PM EST

    Well we are kicking of on our school wide charrette today to take a closer look at gambling coming into Philadelphia. I am working with a couple of my studio mates on our demolition concept, along with a city planner and a student from Wharton. It should be a pretty intense couple of days coming... View full entry

  • Studio Struggles and football phrenzy

    By adrienne
    Feb 5, '05 1:13 PM EST

    The last week in studio has definitely been a bit of a struggle. Getting this demolition idea to work out is no small feat. I have been having a hard time knowing where to begin. Luckily we had our first desk crits on Thursday with our TA and he was very helpful. I am going to try looking at... View full entry

  • DeLanda Delight

    By adrienne
    Jan 29, '05 1:22 PM EST

    We had a bit of a slow start to the week because studio was cancelled on Monday. which was a bummer because we actually did a good amount of work for class. We are currently working in groups on all the early stages of our casino project. Luckily I have a really good group and we are investigating... View full entry

  • snowy saturday in studio

    By adrienne
    Jan 22, '05 12:32 PM EST

    it is very quiet in studio today as the city is being blanketed by a substantial snowfall. it is actually kind of pleasant in studio, at least you don't feel like you're missing out on anything by being stuck inside. we are working in groups to start dealing with the programatic requirements of... View full entry

  • Philthy Phorever

    By adrienne
    Jan 17, '05 12:56 PM EST

    Ahhh back to school. Well sort of, we are at the start of our second week, but it is always a slow start at the beginning of any semester. I have to say this always makes me very anxious because I just know what is coming in the weeks ahead. Down time can be such a curse! We are basically just... View full entry

  • Finally Finally Finished!!!!

    By adrienne
    Dec 21, '04 3:10 PM EST

    Wow, I just finished my first semester today! It felt like it would never actually end. After final reviews, which were on the 14th, we have all been trying to catch up and finish with our other classes...papers, projects etc. It has really been dragging on and I haven't done any Christmas... View full entry

  • Laser Cutting Woes - an appeal to philly firms

    By adrienne
    Dec 5, '04 9:20 PM EST

    I got to experience the joys of camping out for the laser cutter this morning. I wish I could convey the amount of anxiety flowing through the school right now as virtually every student needs to get slots of time on the laser cutter before final reviews, which are a little over a week away. I... View full entry

  • Some more hot work pics!!!

    By adrienne
    Dec 3, '04 1:53 PM EST

    As promised, in the spirit of a more comprehensive view of some of the things happening at Penn, here are some examples of work from some of my other classmates. Of course, this represents just one studio here in the 600 level, and there is a wide variety of work going on here. Oh and the four of... View full entry

  • Don't believe the grad school hype

    By adrienne
    Dec 1, '04 1:19 PM EST

    Again, everyone, sorry for not posting in a while, and also for the random Billy Dee Williams post, but hey, he is a bit of a hero around here... One thing that has been on my mind a bit for the last few days is an issue that seems to come up pretty often on archinect-the grad school dilemma. Now... View full entry

  • works every time...

    By adrienne
    Nov 16, '04 12:38 PM EST

    Long time, no post...sorry about that. I had a major brain fart with my project last week, so I was pretty frantic. Seems like things may be back on track now, but it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here...the semester is going by so fast! Nothing too exciting to report. Our... View full entry

  • S'more hot examples of work

    By adrienne
    Nov 1, '04 8:19 PM EST

    As promised... Here is some work from another member of my studio to give you a broader view into what we have been working on. I am still working to get more up here soon! Also latest school news...our open house for prospective students was on Friday, so if any of you were there I hope you... View full entry

  • the geometry problem

    By adrienne
    Oct 29, '04 1:15 PM EST

    Well, we made it through mid-review, which was on Wednesday. About a week before the review, David realized that we were all struggling with transitioning between the intensive algorithmic/geometric investigations that we have been working on to the architectural solution. To try and combat this... View full entry

  • It can't be time for mid-reveiw yet!!!!!

    By adrienne
    Oct 22, '04 12:08 PM EST

    But it is! Our mid-review is approaching way too quickly. We are scheduled to present on Wednesday. I can already feel the rising tension in studio...everyone making trips to Pearl. Although I thought I could avoid the dreaded Pearl visit, it looks like I will have to build (gulp) a physical... View full entry

  • Wooden pigs dance in studio...

    By adrienne
    Oct 14, '04 2:05 PM EST

    First just an update on the squirrel situation, which I was reminded of after reading the Harvard blog about birds...just to put all of your minds at ease, the squirrel was safely rescued from the clutches of the studio by a brave student. She basically was able to catch him in a blanket and then... View full entry

  • Squirrels in Studio

    By adrienne
    Oct 9, '04 10:54 AM EST

    Being in studio on a Saturday morning is actually one of the best things. It is so quiet...except for the fact that we have a squirrel running around in our studio. I feel so bad for the little guy. He can't seem to figure out how to get out the window. Somehow I think this could be a major... View full entry

  • w.w.b.f.d.

    By adrienne
    Sep 23, '04 9:56 AM EST

    we made it through our first visual studies actually wasn't too bad at all. we used rhino/autocad/illustrator to work between 2d and 3d. basically we took some of the diagrams we have been working on for our studio projects and then converted them into a 3d model by combining our... View full entry

  • Finally some other classes!

    By adrienne
    Sep 15, '04 2:25 PM EST

    It seems like we have already been in school for weeks, but yesterday was the first day that we had any classes beside studio. The seemingly slow start is nice, but makes me anxious, because I know it is only a matter of time before things really heat up... Anyway, yesterday was our first Theory... View full entry

  • First Day...

    By adrienne
    Sep 9, '04 11:56 PM EST

    While we have still not started any of our other classes, studios officially kicked off today. I will be in David Ruy's studio, which is called “Agora.” We will be investigating new possibilities for the program of the marketplace. The market is to be in the form of a flea market... View full entry

  • Studio Fashion Show

    By adrienne
    Sep 8, '04 6:43 PM EST

    Studio selections were held today, and I am sure it is the first and last time that we will see our future critics in the role of candidates trying to win our votes. There is something satisfying about this, I guess, it makes you feel like you are spending all of your money on something worth... View full entry

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