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    The Big Charrette Begins

    By adrienne
    Feb 10, '05 10:13 PM EST

    Well we are kicking of on our school wide charrette today to take a closer look at gambling coming into Philadelphia. I am working with a couple of my studio mates on our demolition concept, along with a city planner and a student from Wharton. It should be a pretty intense couple of days coming up with our proposal. The submission is due on Sunday morning and I am envisioning some very sleepless nights in the near future. Hopefully this will also be able to help inform my studio project a bit.

    Studio has been presenting another problem for us. I am really enjoying the studio, I just wish that David was able to spend a little more time with us. Luckily we have a really good TA who has been filling in for him. Since we spent the first few weeks working in groups we have basically had only two days of desk crits. It is definitely a big switch from last semester when studio could run long into the night. Plus we now have studio only two days out of the week instead of three.

    I am pretty happy with how my collages came out. Not that they necessarily look great, but they actually really informed my design, which I am surprised about. I also made my first trip to Atlantic City on Wednesday. We got a great behind the scenes tour of the Bally's casino. It was a very helpful trip...unfortunately I lost $5.

    Hopefully the charette will produce some good work. I will try to document the process and post after the big jury on Sunday night.

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