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    Studio Fashion Show

    By adrienne
    Sep 8, '04 6:43 PM EST

    Studio selections were held today, and I am sure it is the first and last time that we will see our future critics in the role of candidates trying to win our votes. There is something satisfying about this, I guess, it makes you feel like you are spending all of your money on something worth while.

    The 601 studios at Penn will focus on ecology and technology, but not necessarily in a determinant sense. The entire class will be divided into six studio sections of approximately 13 students each, with each section taking a different approach to the ecology/technology issue. The list of critics (topics) includes Bill Braham (focus on day lighting and flexibility/velocities of change in a hotel/residence), Scott Erdy (generative nature of both visible and invisible building systems), Karel Klein (solar technologies, the resultant geometries of the concentration of light along surfaces, and material excesses in the design of an office park), Branko Kolarevic (movies, movement and performance in a cinema), David Ruy (design of a flea market as an attempt to continue production and consumption cycles, emphasis on the history of shopping as a public activity) and Cathrine Veikos (design of a community aquatic center with an emphasis on the roles of light and color in material innovation to create a responsive building skin).

    The choices are certainly varied, but all sound intriguing. No other classes have actually begun for us yet, so nothing else to report”¦.

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    • MADianito

      i thought Winka Dubbeldam was part of the faculty at PENN...isn't she??, oh and that thing happens also at some schools (ex. the AA @ London) where critics/tutors advertise themselves and do "campaign" in order to atract students to their studios...yeah its a weird, satisfying feeling to see that :-)

      Sep 8, 04 8:51 pm

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