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    Here's what it looks like...

    By adrienne
    Oct 6, '05 12:34 PM EST

    Studio is still shrouded in mystery. A strange sight visit with unforseen hints about what our project might be yesterday has left us all wondering. I am struggling to make some sense of all of it...

    Electives have been great though. In Ali Rahim's class yesterday we had Mark Goulthorpe as a guest lecturer. Pretty cool for a class of about 8 people. It was very inspiring...

    I don't think I mentioned that we had a guest speaker in Dean's class the other week from Glowlab. The website and work is worth checking out if you are interested in any kind of street art.
    Here are some other cool sites we have been looking at, specifically for things like gestural navigation, and use of 3 dimensional space. People are more able to rememeber things that occur spatially so alot of sites are moving to a more 3d logic. this one is cool because it shows where all of the elevators in the building are in real time!

    and now for some pictures...


    Here is what it looks like when the studio's across from us our empty because everyone when on trips to Brazil and Costa Rica (oh yeah and the post professionals are in Rome right now too). For those who don't know that is the Fine Arts Library (designed by Frank Furness). It is really awesome inside and out.


    Here is what Happy Hour looks like when you have way too much work to go (a little lighter than normal because of the aforementioned trips)


    Here is what my desk full of crazy materials and bizarre experiments looks like


    Here is what the wall next to my desk looks like as I try to catalogue all of my work and make some sense out of my thoughts.


    Here is what some of the landscape students have been working on just outside of our studio.


    They have been painting with various spices, coffee, tea, etc. Very fragrant, but actually quite beautiful.


    • Oana S.

      coffee was a favourite for painting also in our studio...

      Oct 6, 05 1:26 pm

      a thesis student used red wine while we were in Vicenza last fall...

      Oct 6, 05 1:39 pm
      brian buchalski

      i oftn painnt with a single malt scotchh...of course, it usually only ends up on canvas by acident (hiccup)...

      Oct 6, 05 3:16 pm

      I sketched with some squid ink in Japan. It smelled I stopped.

      Oct 6, 05 11:42 pm

      thanks, adrienne. nice window into life at your school.

      especially like that you haven't simply focused on your work (though it'll be good to see) but also gave us a sense of what's going on around you. > to me, that's one of the most interesting things about school: being in the midst of a lot of different activities and people going different directions. who knows, maybe you'll be using coffee (or wine or scotch) in your final presentation.

      Oct 7, 05 8:26 am

      Twenty years ago I was enjoying the same view of the Furness library; my office was room 315.

      Oct 7, 05 10:41 am
      brian buchalski

      and in twenty years i plann to enjoy that same view of the furness library...with a 18 year old scotch...

      of cours if i want to get to grad shool it would probably help if i would stop drinkng so much scothc...

      Oct 7, 05 11:51 am

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