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    Finally Finally Finished!!!!

    By adrienne
    Dec 21, '04 3:10 PM EST

    Wow, I just finished my first semester today! It felt like it would never actually end. After final reviews, which were on the 14th, we have all been trying to catch up and finish with our other classes...papers, projects etc. It has really been dragging on and I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet...oh well such is the life of an architecture student.

    Final reviews went pretty well, I don't actually remember alot of it because I was so tired. We had a great jury including Marcelo Spina (recently featured in the Design Vanguard in Architectural Record). He came out from LA to sit on several juries here. All of the criticism was very insightful and helpful...constructive, so no horror stories to report from our group!

    So I guess that about wraps it up until we start classes again on the 10th. Good luck to all of you who are applying to schools right now. Please let me know if you have any questions about Penn! More next semester....

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