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    By adrienne
    Nov 16, '04 12:38 PM EST

    Long time, no post...sorry about that. I had a major brain fart with my project last week, so I was pretty frantic. Seems like things may be back on track now, but it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here...the semester is going by so fast!

    Nothing too exciting to report. Our professional practice class made a trip up to New York on Friday to get impressions of International Corporate Firms. The professional practice class basically consists of visiting several offices of varying size/philosophy over the course of the semester. I got to visit Gensler. I think the coolest part of the office was the server room. It was amazing to see the amount of equipment involved in keeping such a big firm running (plus, I am a big tech geek)

    Other than that, I am trying to get ready to make my first model on the CNC machine, hopefully sometime this week...

    It seems like we have acquired a new friend in our studio bay. After seeing the squirrel cutout at the GSD, I thought it would be fitting to share him with all of you. He always manages to see you through those tough times in studio with the best possible advice...


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