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    spring break ends and i didn't even go to cancun!

    By adrienne
    Mar 14, '05 8:59 AM EST

    Well here we are back from spring break. I am a little nervous because i didn't do much work or thinking about work over the break at all, but I think that might turn out to be a good thing. Maybe the time away will result in brilliant inspirations for all my classes...maybe not...

    I spent the break mostly catching up on all those normal life type things, you know laundry cleaning etc. I also went to see the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Somehow it is actually quite fitting for our studio. I guess all the strange aspects of casinos is a bit surreal. I was amazed at some of the sketches that Dali had, which i actually enjoyed much more than the paintings. There were also some great short films that he was involved with, including a joint venture with Disney.

    I also spent some time in NYC at Moma and the new Folk Art Museum, which were both great. Plus I finally got to see Prada (go Rem!)

    We had our midreview right before the break, and it was nice to finally get some output up on the walls. I am really impressed with everyone's projects. We hadn't pinned up for quite a while before the review so it was really surprising to see how everyone is progressing. I will try to get some pictures up soon.

    Also, the Philadelphia Daily News has been publishing their articles on our school wide charrette. The winners were acknowledged last week here

    Ok I better churn something out for studio today...break is over time to get back to it!


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      i was thinking about coming to philadelphia for a job after i graduate..i have never been there, but it seems great...any thoughts or comments that could help? any firms you like there?

      Mar 14, 05 3:44 pm

      philly is definitely a great city, especially if you are just starting out in your career. it has lots of amenities, but is relatively affordable for those tight intern budgets! plus there are lots of opportunities for architects here. the hottest firms in the city right now are probably, Erdy McHenry Architecture, Kieran Timberlake Associates, Wesley Wei Architects, Christopher Beardsley Architects and there are many more...check out the philly aia for more information and other links.

      Mar 14, 05 5:20 pm

      thanks for the getting anxious for a new place. i have found a couple of the firms you suggested. they seem to all be doing pretty nice work. exciting.

      Mar 14, 05 7:45 pm
      vado retro

      go to monk;s when in phillydelphia

      Mar 14, 05 10:58 pm

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