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    First Day...

    By adrienne
    Sep 9, '04 11:56 PM EST

    While we have still not started any of our other classes, studios officially kicked off today. I will be in David Ruy's studio, which is called “Agora.” We will be investigating new possibilities for the program of the marketplace. The market is to be in the form of a flea market as a means to close the cycle of production  consumption  disposal. We will be investigating new architectural infrastructures to support the self-organizing typology of the flea market. We will also be considering how these infrastructures may be funded through public interest. All of this will occur within the context of the Hudson Yards on Manhattan's West Side. This definitely struck my interest, particularly in relation to consumption cycles and the changing requirements for physical space to facilitate shopping. It should be an interesting semester.

    Aside from this, I would just like to comment on the very civilized nature of the students here at Penn. We actually had a lottery within our studio section to decide who would get which desk! Quite a jump from my undergrad experience, where it was more of a survival of the fittest/first come first server/better get there fast if you actually want a chair type of deal.

    Also, as a response to the previously posted comment, Winka is still at Penn, she is actually in charge of the post professional program here.


    • atsama

      hmm that is a change. two years ago at Penn we did the "whoever called the desk first wins" game....not a great idea for fostering friendships in studio!! everyone was taping pencils to their desks with their name on it as soon as was humanly possible...

      Sep 10, 04 10:13 am

      Cool, yeah, we had last semester some night @ the office some students that she took with her, down to Mexico City for a couple of days, i haven't really spent too much time talking to her, but she seems a good teacher of architecture

      Sep 10, 04 10:28 pm

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