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    My studio teacher hypnotized me...

    By adrienne
    Feb 24, '06 12:52 PM EST

    So Francois was in again last week, and it was pretty much awesome. The first thing that he did was try to hypnotize us using a movie that he made for a project. It was basically this old man's face and a creepy voice that gave you instructions on relaxation. It was really cool. He wanted us to use it to try and get inside of our projects. After that, we watched the French video of Gilles Deleuze. Because it was in French, the major thing that I took away from the video is that Deleuze had the nastiest fingernails ever. They were really long and knarled. I guess when you're that smart, you don't need to worry about your fingernails.

    We basically just spent the two days with Francois in a group pinup. I think he was a bit disappointed with where everyone was, but very understanding in how difficult running a studio like this can be. He is really good at being positive though, and everyone was happy to get feedback. Now we won't see him again until March 16 for our mid-reveiw... YIKES! We have set up a class blog to try and communicate with him in the interim.

    Unfortunately I haven't been putting too much focus on studio in the last few days. The whole job thing is starting to become an issue, and now that I know I will be spending Spring break getting ready for midreview, I have been getting together resumes and portfolio stuff...ugh. It is no fun at all, and makes me worried about the things I am putting off. But alas, it is almost time for reentry into the real world...sigh...

    I also decided to take the opportunity to share some images from the studio. So here you go. Faces have been blurred to protect the innocent. I am off to my last Theory class! Enjoy your Friday!

    My new is so cute. My friend did the custom paint job and rhinestone are all so jealous

    This is my desk. It is really nice...I get a window!

    We are having a competition to see who has the largest head circumference

    Here is our makeshift kitchen

    Oh just a cute kitten from my new favorite He must have snuck in somehow...

    Sometimes we groom each other...

    Enjoying an unnamed beverage...

    Our collective wall of curiosities....


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      Feb 24, 06 5:46 pm
      Ms Beary

      i've been hypnotized twice

      Feb 25, 06 3:47 am
      t. gunny harboe

      rochie rochie rochie, can't you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me

      Feb 25, 06 2:44 pm

      Oh - you have francois roche as a critic. Lucky lucky you!
      I love that guy. I saw him lecture twice last year.

      What's your project? What's the studio structure? I'd love to hear all about it.

      Feb 26, 06 10:40 am
      Tom Denney

      Gilles Deleuze? Author of the book "A Thousand Plateaus"? I just read the introduction this weekend after a prof. suggested it this past friday at a pin-up in terms of finding form for my concept of the building being an open book. i think anyone having trouble over-coming that huge step of turning your concept into form should read it...just the introduction will suffice, but I'm sure the rest is good also.

      Feb 26, 06 9:05 pm
      bryan boyer

      I read that Deleuze had a hyper-sensitivity disorder which apparently made his fintertips very sensitive and caused him to grow them out as a form of protection. Can't find anything online now though... I read it in one of his obits, I think.

      Feb 26, 06 10:11 pm
      vado retro

      u can reterritorialize all u want just stay outta my dish.

      Feb 26, 06 11:19 pm
      t. gunny harboe

      i heard that deleuze cranked himself out the window.

      Feb 27, 06 1:46 pm

      this blog is fun...i'm gonna read it again

      Feb 28, 06 9:28 pm

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