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    The phases of frustration

    By adrienne
    Sep 22, '05 1:40 PM EST

    !@$%* %$@@! @#!!!!!!...

    is what i have been feeling like lately. studio has been so so frustrating. we are in the process of making "material probes" and "cabinets of curiosities" the definition of everything is extremely vague as you can imagine. this is not really the frustrating part though. i understand the mentality of mystery that often accompanies a studio. it's a methodology that reigned supreme for me in undergrad, so I am used to all that ambiguity. the problem for me is that I really want to approach all of this with the experimental attitude that i have been following in previous studios. i feel that this is the only way to make new discoveries and it is the best part about being in school. this is all well and good, but so far the structure of the studio has made it difficult to work like this. every week, and sometimes between studio days, we have discreet assignments with prescribed requirements that need to be completed. this isn't really a problem in and of itself, but when you try something new, and it fails, it leads to a lot of difficulty in meeting the deadlines.

    that said, i think that wesley is very accepting of the experimentation method, but he is also very insistent that the deadlines are met. it just makes for a stressful situation...luckily, i think all of us are kinda feeling this way on some level, so at least i am not alone!

    i have been working with rubber and ideas of stitching, threading and knotting so far. i feel like i am starting to make progress, but i am still totally overwhelmed.

    other classes are great though. i will post some links that we have been looking at in dean's class soon. it is pretty crazy how intense things are already!


    • aseid

      in retrospect, i can see how the reliance on the computer over the past couple of studios could make this a hard class, did he tell you he was "just dreaming" yet?

      wesley will make you relearn everything you ever did, youre gonna learn how to use your hands no doubt, and live in the shop

      i can still remember my frustration so i know you are exactly where you should be

      i was a mess in that class, i wish i could show you my final model and drawings so you can see where we went with the whole thing, we did the exact same thing, designed a wunderkammer in philadelphia,

      it will be fun as long as you make stuff and draw and do all the "charges", does he still use that word on the syllabus?

      go crazy, cut things, seriously you will look back and this will be the best class you ever took, it will really teach you how to put things together

      Sep 22, 05 3:02 pm

      btw, i was working with liquid latex which is some really cool stuff, like rubber but cooler because you can embed things in it and it is also inflatable if you can figure out what youre doing,

      perhaps you would see some promise in this material

      Sep 22, 05 3:06 pm

      i remember aseid's project. if i could, i would buy any one of his drawings and hang on my wall--he's too humble. i'm also sure that you're feeling some of the schizophrenia that we felt during our tenure there, with digital and metaphysical studios/seminars running concurrently...

      check out tim hawkinson's work on liqud latex if you plan to use it.

      Sep 23, 05 12:23 am

      reveal yourself gibberish!!!!!!!

      Sep 23, 05 10:11 am

      I saw the stuff Wesley's studio did last year. It was so incredible. I'm a 600 and haven't touched a pencil since I've been here. I'm really looking forward to taking his studio next fall and cutting stuff up.

      Sep 23, 05 5:11 pm

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