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    back to school

    By adrienne
    Sep 15, '05 1:36 PM EST

    as of yesterday i finally made it through one round of all of my new classes. last week was our official first week of school, but with studio and elective presentations taking up much of the week, things got off to a slow start.

    i am in wesley wei's studio this semester. i was really hoping to get into one of the studio's that would be going on a trip this semester. (especially since most of them are at least partially funded by the school) but alas, the lottery chose a different fate for me. other studio's are going to brazil, rome and costa rica for short trips. we have been working on little mind-bending warm up assignments in studio so far. the kind of thing that is part agony part fun. (i.e. construct 3 joints with a pallette of 3 materials) we'll see how things shape up from here, but i think it will definitely be interesting, and i am sure i will learn lots.

    i am really excited about my electives this semester. i am taking a theory course with David Turnbull, Architecture Culture, which basically looks at developments and attitudes in the field from 1993 to the present. it seems like this will inform my other elective, Elegance in Architecture with Ali Rahim. Research in this class will help advance the forthcoming edition of AD (also called Elegance in Architecture) which he is editing.

    finally, i have Information Culture with Dean DiSimone, of the former KDlab. we spent the first class looking at lots of hot new websites.

    not too much to report on classes yet...better get back to making my joints.


    • aseid

      i took wesley wei's class when i was there, i miss that class it was a lot of fun, very open ended and not computer oriented at all, you will all make amazing things, wish i was back at penn, have fun

      Sep 15, 05 4:32 pm

      sounds like a fun semester. My first design school assignment was similar to the "3 joints with 3 materials" exercise that you describe. Good times.

      keep us updated...

      Sep 15, 05 5:21 pm
      The Thriller in Manila

      whats the url for the "hot new websites" you checked out with DiSimone?

      Sep 15, 05 11:12 pm

      sounds like really good classes...keep posting~!

      Sep 16, 05 10:50 pm

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