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    It can't be time for mid-reveiw yet!!!!!

    By adrienne
    Oct 22, '04 12:08 PM EST

    But it is!

    Our mid-review is approaching way too quickly. We are scheduled to present on Wednesday. I can already feel the rising tension in studio...everyone making trips to Pearl. Although I thought I could avoid the dreaded Pearl visit, it looks like I will have to build (gulp) a physical model!!! Pretty scary I know, but I am trying to be optimistic for the outcome. I am just a bit out of practice at the whole model thing. I actually enjoy building models, so maybe it will be a nice break from staring into the abyss of my computer screen.

    This whole Pearl thing is actually a pretty relevant topic of discussion within our studio. Yesterday we were trying to figure out why trips to Pearl always end in frustration. I have now had experiences at two different Pearls (DC and Philly) and find them equally harrowing ventures. I welcome any war stories that you may want to vent in a comment here...I feel your pain. goofie movies this week, but I am sure we will see some sort of studio mayhem this weekend that may produce something post-worthy.

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