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    I need to get my A$S in GEAR!!!!

    By adrienne
    Feb 7, '06 3:34 PM EST

    WTF! We are in week 5 of our semester and I have pretty much nothing to show for it yet. I am researching lots of cool stuff in studio, but if I don't output something soon, I think I am going to have a breakdown. I am doing work...not staying up crazy late or anything, but I am keeping a pretty consistent schedule, still nothing seems to be happening. It is like I am stuck in one of those weird dreams where someone is chasing you, but your feet are stuck to the floor, like with super sticky gum or something. ARGGGGGH!

    On top of that, my theory class on representation is almost finished already. It all takes place in the first half of the semester, so we meet twice a week for 3 hours each day, but there are only like 3 weeks left. I need to come up with a paper topic, like a week ago. I am having a meeting with Dalibor tomorrow to discuss it, so hopefully inspiration will strike, but I doubt it.

    So what is it? What is my problem? I don't think it is some mutant form of senioritis, because I am not especially looking forward to graduation. I am not really bored...I am totally psyched to be in this studio. It's not some sort of winter depression, because it has been freakishly warm and sunny here for the past few weeks.

    I don't know but I better figure it out soon...TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

    Ok I have to go to class, but I have some additional ranting to add on later...

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    • Geoff Manaugh

      Did you go to the Inaki Abalos talk last night? Aside from the odd moment of inspired imagery, it was tiresome and monotone and way too long. I left early.

      Feb 7, 06 4:04 pm

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