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    DeLanda Delight

    By adrienne
    Jan 29, '05 1:22 PM EST

    We had a bit of a slow start to the week because studio was cancelled on Monday. which was a bummer because we actually did a good amount of work for class. We are currently working in groups on all the early stages of our casino project. Luckily I have a really good group and we are investigating the idea of implementing partial demolition of the existing buildings on the site to accomodate the new casino. It is all very "Gordon Matta Clark" which is lots of fun to work on. We are basically trying to strategically remove, and possibly reuse portions of the buildings on site and insert some new program spaces for the casino. Everything is still in the very early stages but we are having a review on Monday so things are moving along.

    I finally had my first DeLanda class on Wednesday night and let me just say that it was AWESOME. I think its going to be a really great class. He is a very good lecturer and I like the class because, like his 1000 Years of Non-Linear History, the underlying concepts are not completely abstract even though the subject matter deals with philosophical issues. It is very understandable. Although I really enjoyed Sanford Kwinter's class last semester, this is a nice change.

    I am still revising some of the diagrams I came up with for my materials class. I can't believe how much detail could be incorporated into the material flows. It was really interesting to see how far you could trace the processes and events associated with the material. Once I get them finished up, I will maybe post them.

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    • hutch

      Has DeLanda made reference to getting stoned and grooving to boiling water yet?

      Feb 2, 05 4:54 pm

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