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    Squirrels in Studio

    By adrienne
    Oct 9, '04 10:54 AM EST

    Being in studio on a Saturday morning is actually one of the best things. It is so quiet...except for the fact that we have a squirrel running around in our studio. I feel so bad for the little guy. He can't seem to figure out how to get out the window. Somehow I think this could be a major distraction for my work here today.

    Since my last post, we actually completed our second visual studies assignment and things are progressing with the studio projects. We are actually moving away from the abstract stuff and starting to get a bit more concrete. Right now we are doing some more detailed site analysis and we will be having a review on Wednesday.

    Here are some of the things I have been working on so far...
    This is an example of the work I was doing making gradients and then describing them in a discreet way. I used a fluid dynamics simulation program to get some gradients that I thought were interesting. There were a lot of iterations...


    We have also been doing a lot of studies on geometries as a means to make a structural module. The end goal is to create a space frame...

    This is my first attempt at a space frame, it was actually done as part of the visual studies assigment.


    • punkt

      Looks very interesting, I too tried experimenting with fluid dynamics simulation, unfortunately I couldn't get my dodgy FLUENT copy working, what program did you use?

      Oct 9, 04 8:29 pm

      I have been using a program called Real seems pretty usable, but really bogs down my computer...

      Oct 10, 04 11:55 am
      Francisco David Boira

      Your geometrical structural modules are quite interesting. Can you elaborate in regards to your space frame intent.
      *Let us know after your midterm. Mine is next friday (Greg Lynn Jeff Kipnis studio) and yes I am already tense.

      good luck adrienne.

      Oct 22, 04 5:32 pm

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