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    By adrienne
    Jan 17, '05 12:56 PM EST

    Ahhh back to school. Well sort of, we are at the start of our second week, but it is always a slow start at the beginning of any semester. I have to say this always makes me very anxious because I just know what is coming in the weeks ahead. Down time can be such a curse! We are basically just doing research work right now in studio to get ready for the real fun to begin.

    As for classes, my schedule is looking pretty good this semester. I got my first choice for studio. My critic is David Turnbull and we are investigating the very real project of a casino coming to Philadelphia. This has been the talk of the planning community in the city, since the state passed the legislation a few months ago. To avoid getting involved in complicated Philly politics the State gave complete authority for the location and design of the new casinos the the Gaming Board, so it is essentially out of the cities hands. No zoning reviews required! We are looking at a site at 1100 Market Street for those of you familiar with the city. It promises to be a controversial and fun project. I am just happy to be working with something local. I feel like I have a more vested interest in it.

    I am also taking a class on materials and material effects with Jane Harrison, which looks really interesting. My other elective is theory course with Manuel De Landa, which I am pretty excited about although he was a no show for the first class. Then of course there is professional practice, and mid semester I will start a quick elective on Lighting.

    Anyway, more soon when things really get going. Welcome back all!


    • MADianito

      i said it last semester and i would say it again.... De Landa rules...i based a lot of my writings, dissertations and articles of the past semester in his ideas, phrases, and even quoted him a couple of times...he freakin' rules

      Jan 17, 05 1:07 pm

      as i started reading "a 1000 years" for the first time my old school flooded!
      that has to mean something!

      Jan 19, 05 6:50 am

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