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    My poor little mid-review

    By adrienne
    Mar 22, '06 1:04 PM EST

    We had mid-review last week. A little late in the semester, but it seems like many studios waited until after spring break to have reviews. It was really sad because I got pretty sick two days before the review. I had to do alll of my work from my bed. Just me, my dog and my laptop all buried amongst blankets and coughdrops. It was so pathetic. I felt terrible, although somehow I managed to still present, but it was pretty sad. Now I feel all out of sync, like mid-review never happened at all. Plus, it's just a weird time at school right now, because everyone is really starting to think more and more about finding jobs, so you have to kinda live in two worlds at the same time.

    I think Francois was disappointed with where the studio is right now, but I think he is also understanding of the difficulties that we are facing. For one, this project is super-bizarro. It isn't easy to conceptualize a robotically built urban fragment. Plus, we see Francois about once every three weeks, so if you end up going astray from his vision of things, you are screwed. He is definitely looking for something very particular, I think, but I don't think any of us have it quite yet.

    Oh well, we had to rent our graduation gear this week, so it kinda puts everything in perspective...


    • Hasselhoff

      Julio is totally disappointed with our studio. We got a pretty harsh email today with threats to our grades!

      Mar 22, 06 1:54 pm

      the world of architecture is waiting to be blown away...enjoy the last weeks of school

      Mar 22, 06 2:39 pm
      "...robotically built urban fragment..."

      is this literal?...mechanical robots are suppose to build the project? like the honda robot (i forget his name) or...

      this robot finishes concrete floor surfaces

      this one pours concrete

      this one welds steel columns and beams

      this one removes exterior surfaces by using water jets. (dangerous)
      Mar 22, 06 3:39 pm

      his name is assimo

      Mar 22, 06 5:00 pm

      "...robotically built urban fragment..."

      Sounds pretty sweet to me-

      Mar 22, 06 5:21 pm

      oh yes, quite literal. we are designing the robots and the structures they create...the robots have actually been the biggest part of our focus so far. the trick is to not fall into traps of stereotypes of what robots should look like. i am making some revisions to mine, but i will post some pics when i am finished later this week. thanks for the pictures dammson!

      Mar 22, 06 10:58 pm
      Mar 23, 06 12:14 am
      ...the trick is to not fall into traps of stereotypes of what robots should look like...

      it'd be silly otherwise...

      thanks for the pictures dammson!

      your project reminded me of a programmable brick-laying robot crane which i saw pictures of a few years ago. I searched google for some pictures (didn't find any) but found those other ones for you...

      Mar 27, 06 3:53 pm

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