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    Final Project Pics_Cabinet of Curiosities

    By adrienne
    Jan 12, '06 12:24 PM EST

    OK, here it is...the result of last semester's work...hopefully it will make sense to you.

    This studio enjoyed the experience of working for a real client, the Folk Arts Charter School in Chinatown, Philadelphia, and seeing the design through to a built prototype. The charge was to create a display system for cultural artifacts brought into the elementary school. This project was the result of the work of four students, over approximately three weeks.

    In designing the display system, we thought about the construction as a body. Components such as the flexible, but protective skin, the structural framework of the skeleton, the vital organs and the connective tissue became the focus of our investigations. These elements are individually recognizable within the piece, but hold the most resonance in their collective assemblage.

    The value of selected artifacts is typically held not within the objects themselves, but within the stories behind the objects. This 'back story' is essential for understanding the relevance of each artifact. To emphasize this condition, we propose inverting the roles of the display components by converting three dimensional objects to two dimensional images (displayed on the exterior skin) and by moving the two dimensional stories into a three dimensional spatial construct (suspended within the cavity).










    • vado retro

      very curious...

      Jan 12, 06 8:21 pm

      that's really neat. i like it.

      Jan 12, 06 8:34 pm

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