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    Slots in the City and a stinky sink

    By adrienne
    Feb 14, '05 2:35 PM EST

    Well the big charette is over and alas my team didn't win. i would say it was a good experience overall and was a big help in rethinking my studio project since it dealt with the same subject. Three of my studiomates were paired with a city planner and a wharton student. Unfortunately the wharton student never showed up, which in the end may have been a good thing. Our city planner was really good which was very lucky since the whole interdisciplinary thing really trips some people up. We worked all was super intense but pretty fun as well. I was really impressed with the amount of work that everyone was able to produce in just two days. Some of the graphics and renderings were pretty amazing. Competitions like that are a big challenge, but i think the most important thing to remember is to have a super clear and concise idea that can be explained as simply as possible. the projects that one had the best titles that summed up the work.

    our project dealt with thinking about the casino as a means of invigorating a 24 hour cycle in the city. nothing in philly, aside from one grocery store, is really opened 24 hours and the casino may be an interesting means of rethinking the city cycles. i like trying to approach the project as both a resident and a designer. i guess it may be a conflict of interests, but i think it is a good one.

    the coolest thing about the charrette was that the mayor came at the launch of the event and was there to see the final results. it was actually really inspiring (despite the current state of philly politics) to hear his enthusiasm for the process. it really made you feel like you were contributing to something important.

    our makeshift table was the hub of design activity this weekend
    the final boards pinned up
    a few details
    all of the entries in dean's alley

    aside from that our studio is now moving super slowly. unfortunately class was cancelled again today and we are starting to get pretty frustrated. we have basically had two desk crits so far this semester and mid review is in three weeks. i don't mind working on my own and i really don't need someone at my side all the time, but the thing that really kills me is thinking about how much money i am paying for this. hopefully things will turn around soon. i really like the studio and the direction that we have had, i just wish we could get a little more of it. oh well such is grad school i guess...

    the other problem seems to be a small biohazard that is brewing in our studio. on of our sinks is clogged and is now eminating an unidentifiable and unbearable odor. i have the pleasure of sitting right beside it...yum. thankfully someone had the good sense to cover it up with a strict warining.

    the culprit


    • PS

      Nice work, sorry yr sink smells so bad!

      Feb 14, 05 4:42 pm
      liberty bell

      I hate to sound so negative, but really, has anyone ever met a Wharton grad/student who wasn't an a**hole?

      Of course they are the ones who turn out to be our clients later. Sigh.

      Nice work, I love the big bar with the litle garden spot up high.

      Feb 14, 05 9:53 pm
      David Cuthbert

      yea I've met a wharton grad who didn't suck - my mom

      They aren't all bad you know!


      tru about the client bit tho

      Feb 15, 05 2:24 pm
      liberty bell

      jam, I have absolutely no doubt that your mother is the totally wonderful and lovely exception that proves the rule!

      Feb 15, 05 2:41 pm
      liberty bell

      jam, I have absolutely no doubt that your mother is the totally wonderful and lovely exception that proves the rule!

      Feb 15, 05 2:41 pm

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