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    Non-linear stirrings

    By adrienne
    Nov 11, '05 12:05 PM EST

    Things are a buzz throughout the school right now because of the launch of the Non-linear Systems Organization. It is basically a small research group under the direction of Cecil Balmond that is going to be studying lots of yummy non-linear things. The really cool part about it is that it brings together multiple disciplines, from architecture to math, to physics, and art. The launch for the group was last night, and there are lectures and workshops going on all day today. You can find out more at the website if you are interested:

    we are getting started on the design build portion of our studio, which seems like it will be more fun than the other exercises we have been working on. it is also structured as group work, which is actually nice. we met with the kids at the school that we are going to be buidling displays for on Wednesday. I got to talk with a second grade class about the project. I think right now everyone is just a little freaked out because we don't have much time left to get the project done...but isn't that always the story??

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