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    itunes capers and death by stench

    By adrienne
    Feb 17, '05 11:58 PM EST

    I think i am dying a slow death from the smell that continues to eminate from our clogged sink. Many a brave maintenance man has come to try and conquer her festering pipes with the finest plungers available, each time facing the horrible stench that awaits them beyond the makeshift particle board cover. No one has yet been successful and no one ever returns after one try. I am starting to gain a whole new appreciation for the sword in the stone. WHERE IS OUR KING ARTHUR!!?!! surely someone can unleash some sort of magical power against the clog??

    yes well as you can see we still suffering from the stinky sink. it is quite a source of humor as well as misery now. i wish i could post the stench to share with all of you. no one can quite classify it...not quite baby poop, but maybe rotting baby poop?! ugh i just threw up in my mouth...

    studio is moving along (but we still haven't seen our critic)...we are going to try and have a pinup next week, and i am trying to be very self motivated right now to gear up for our midreview. i have alot of high hopes for this project, and i am very excited about some of my ideas, but every time i sit down to work i seem to have trouble executing what i want to do. it has definitely been tripping me up, but i also know that i stumble for a bit like this on every project so i am starting to get more used to this period of uncertainty. i think things will clear up for me soon.

    we had a very exciting lecturer this week. steven wolfram came to talk about his "new kind of science." it was really interesting although i don't think as architects we understand his theories and observations in the same way that he does. it probably doesn't really matter though, some of the images that he showed were very inspiring. there were alot of physics and math dudes there to ask him all the technical questions. if you don't know much about his work (basically inventing the program mathematica) check out his super useful website

    the other interesting thing that has been going on in studio is the evolution of itunes. We all use it and since you can share music, everyone has invented clever names for themselves to be seen by. The fun is that no one really knows who everyone is. I would like to take a moment to say thanks to two of my favorites: My Yellow Scarf, and Rocky for Emergency Use have both gotten me through some tough moments in studio. The whole system seems like it could be a really interesting thing to study, you could probably make a pretty interesting studio project out of it somehow....


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      Turnbull had the same habit of not showing up when I was in the program a couple of years ago. The studio put up a big stink and he reacted negatively. In the end, everybody kissed and made up. I think it's really awful when they don't show up, especially since that's all you're really paying for. If I recall correctly, his wife came in frequently to back him up on those days that he couldn't make it...

      It's really disturbing that he's also on the roster at Columbia while trying to maintain his practice and/or transfer it to New York.

      Feb 18, 05 5:41 pm

      yeah, unfortunately his wife can't fill in for him because she is also teaching a studio in the 600 level here, so they are usually gone on the same days... i think i have just resigned myself to the fact that this is how it is going to be this semester. i agree about the columbia part, maybe he loves them more than he loves us!! oh well, i'm sure it will all work out in the end. thanks for the comment!

      Feb 18, 05 6:43 pm

      Have they fixed the stink yet???
      Mar 7, 05 6:44 pm

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