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    By adrienne
    Sep 23, '04 9:56 AM EST

    we made it through our first visual studies actually wasn't too bad at all. we used rhino/autocad/illustrator to work between 2d and 3d. basically we took some of the diagrams we have been working on for our studio projects and then converted them into a 3d model by combining our own diagram with someone elses in the class. we then repeated the process several times. it was actually a pretty fun project and now we are all rhino experts...well sort of.

    studio is still marching along, we have been looking at patterns as a means for designing the megastructures that will eventually be incorporated into our projects. it is all still pretty abstract, but it is nice to be able to explore tangents that start to pop into your head. i am finding that i am actually making some good progress using this method...things are starting to come together.

    my particular interest right now is in gradients, and the ways that they can be expressed by more rigid means. I have been playing around with a program that is used for simulating fluid dynamics and it produces some really beautiful forms.

    i will post some pics when i get something really nice together...

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