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    French desk crits are my favorite

    By adrienne
    Jan 28, '06 4:21 PM EST

    I had my first desk crit with Francois yesterday. It was such a weird day...I had professional practice in the morning (9-12) after which I ran upstairs to squeeze a 30 minute deskcrit in before heading off to my theory class on Meaning and Modes of Representation with Dalibor Vessly. Such a strange mix of subject matter....project scheduling + robotic bio-noodles + the history of geometry and optics... I didn't even know where I was anymore by the end of the day.

    I am sooooo relieved to have a critic who is interested, or at least good at faking interest, in my work again. The studio is pretty wild, but I really like it so far. Francois was telling me about the designs of Russian space capsules that were entirely lined in silk so that the cosmonauts could glide easily through the spaces in zero gravity...sounds yummy! We are still working on developing tangles, and mine have taken on a more infrastructural tone. I think it will be alot of fun to continue working on, although I am a little sad that our next meeting with Francois is not until February 15...ah well such is life in the research studios!

    I am actually taking a break right now from working on a competition submission that is due on Monday morning. I have to rework an old project, which turns out to be a pretty big pain! It is hard to revisit old work and make new sense of it. My boards are looking pretty much like a big pile of dump right now...

    The exhibit that we had on Philadelphia architecture earlier in the week was pretty good...and super well attended. It was nice to see so many people from the community (both architects and non-architects) take interest in the subject matter. Unfortunately, there were so many people there, that many students couldn't fit into the room.

    Well, back to my poopy boards...yuck.

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