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    By adrienne
    Oct 26, '05 4:11 PM EST

    i haven't posted in so long, because i have been waiting for a big breakthrough in studio to tell you about. well i kept waiting and waiting, and still nothing. now i am just getting sad about it. i don't know where this semester is heading right now. things are feeling very very stale in my work. and everything i make or do feels terribly clumsy. maybe it's just me, maybe it's the continuous mystery of our studio. each week we learn just a bit more about the end goal, but the full picture is witheld from us. i understand and appreciate the methodology, but it can be a difficult way to work, and i guess i won't have a clear picture until the end of the course.

    we aren't having a midreview, so i feel a little out of sync with the rest of the school, which is bustling with activity right now. this is not to say that we don't have work to do, trust me we are swamped. i guess there is something nice about pausing to collect and evaluate your thoughts, and something refreshing about having a fresh set of eyes take a look at what you have been doing, that i am sort of missing right now.

    other classes are starting to pick up now. hernan diaz-alanso was a guest lecturer for our class with ali rahim this morning. he was really helpful in our continuing discussion on elegance in architecture, which i am currently really grappling with. plus he was a very entertaining lecturer, so it was a fun class.

    i have decided to study the structure/logistics/organization of live 8 for my project in david turnbull's class on architecture culture. after experiencing the philadelphia component of the event this summer, i was really struck with the whole affair, and i think it has a lot of architectural implications. i plan to do alot of diagrams of the event in order to fully understand/examine it, and i will surely share them with you.

    i got to meet wes jones yesterday, which was pretty exciting, as i am a big fan of his work. he came to sit on a review for scott erdy's studio, and then did a quick lecture. it has been really interesting to see the work of all the studio's around the school right now. not having a midreview makes you appreciate all the work a little more, i think.

    i will try to do better at continuing to post even in times of struggle. it is a part of school after all, so i guess it helps to give a better picture of what studio/architectural education is all about...

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