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    the geometry problem

    By adrienne
    Oct 29, '04 1:15 PM EST

    Well, we made it through mid-review, which was on Wednesday. About a week before the review, David realized that we were all struggling with transitioning between the intensive algorithmic/geometric investigations that we have been working on to the architectural solution. To try and combat this, we were all asked to write a narrative from 3 points of view about the experience of our markets. The idea was to get at some very specific moments that we could begin to tackle with more ease than trying to take on the middle scale of the architecture. I think we are all still struggling to deal with this. We are going to do some research on the typology of the market this weekend to try and straighten things out and get us on course.

    My project has still been focused on the idea of the vortex as a means of collecting all of the flows around the site and spiraling them into the program. I am also bringing back the gradient as a tool. I took a lot of inspiration from looking at the form and tracking of hurricanes. (Maybe that is still a little too evident?!) Here are some pics.

    A view into "the vortex"

    View of the site


    Back to the gradient to start dealing with program

    I will also ask around my studio to see if anyone else would be willing to have me post some things so you can get a better picture of what everyone has been working on. Unlike many studios, our projects are so varied, it makes reviews much more interesting! Added to this is that each studio is so different, and mid-review was really the first chance we had to see what everyone has been up to.

    In general, I was really happy with the review. I got some helpful feedback. I never made it to getting any worthwhile model done...just some clay study models, which looked more like...well...poop than anything of merit.

    (Also I would like to give a shout out to Patrick and Kristy for stopping by to check out the work!)

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