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    Wooden pigs dance in studio...

    By adrienne
    Oct 14, '04 2:05 PM EST

    First just an update on the squirrel situation, which I was reminded of after reading the Harvard blog about birds...just to put all of your minds at ease, the squirrel was safely rescued from the clutches of the studio by a brave student. She basically was able to catch him in a blanket and then carry him to safety.

    Oh and as for actual school related stuff, yesterday was our first major review for studio...a quarter-review of sorts. I have been moving from looking at gradients to studying the idea of the vortex. It has been lots of fun, and I will get some more pics up soon. Good feedback from the review...lots of work to do, you know the drill. I have to say that our theory class with Sanford Kwinter just keeps ketting better and better. I never dreamed that I would enjoy a theory class, but he is a great lecturer. I think everyone really looks forward to that class every week.

    Finally check this out...I can't explain it in words, but it was a short film directed by a fellow memeber of my studio...


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    • Pimp Minister Pete Nice

      That has to be the greatest thing I have seen all week.

      Oct 14, 04 5:53 pm

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