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    Regurgitating Robots and Max on a Mac

    By adrienne
    Apr 13, '06 1:25 PM EST

    So much work to do now...a surprise visit from Francois is scheduled for Sunday (that's right Easter Sunday). We have to meet him at his hotel with digitial models ready for 3d printing. I think I speak for the whole class when I models of what exactly?? Everyone has been working hard since he left to get ready for this unexpected deadline, and I think this schedule will likely continue till the end of the semester. I am already tired....

    My project has evolved into an existing vacant building that is reappropriated and transformed via robotic digestion. Basically swarms of small robots eat away at the building, partially digest it and then regurgitate the material. I think it will look something like a strange urban cave...we'll see about that.

    On another note, for all you computer dweebs (don't get offended I include myself in this category) a friend of mine was able to successfully install windows on his macbook thanks to the new architecture which is built with an Intel Core Duo chip. And yes that means Autocad and 3dsmax can be run off of a mac...and here are some pictures to prove it...



    Now you can all go out and buy sexy new computers.

    Oh and congrats to Hasselhoff on the cool internship...sadly I am still looking for a job...sigh...


    • I LOVE the first pic - nothing says "cutting edge computer" like cabinetry details!

      Apr 13, 06 1:37 pm

      WOW! thx for showing the pics..i just bought an intel core duo, cant wait till I get it :) best of luck to you with the mac

      Apr 13, 06 2:43 pm

      And I'd like to add that I like the robot thing, reminds of the "grey goo" scenario used in sci-fi. Was there any intentional link between the two? To me you've taken a situation that it typically used as an end-of-the-world thing and given it a positive connotation by changing the concept behind the technology.

      Apr 13, 06 3:45 pm
      PetePeterson ACAD & 3Dsmax run up to jedi standards??? No significant bugs to speak of? I'm getting my MBP this weekend... getting excited I am.

      Apr 13, 06 4:16 pm

      There's no 3d acceleration when using VT.

      3d works fine using bootcamp though.

      I'm waiting to see if they get a virtualized 3d driver working.

      Apr 13, 06 4:34 pm

      very nice.

      no noticeable difference tween the platforms; render times, refreshing, etc?

      Apr 13, 06 8:02 pm

      i want to love this product. i'll give you three weeks. would you report back in a few and let us know if you are in love? i have been using school computers, but hanging on tight to my g4 for anything i can. thanks.

      Apr 15, 06 1:06 am

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