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    Sorry for disappearing

    By adrienne
    May 16, '05 8:13 PM EST

    Sorry I never followed up after our final review. Things have been spiraling quickly since then. Our review went pretty well, although many of us didn't get too much feedback, it was more of a laid-back review. One of the fun thinks that we did was to publish magazine covers for our projects. It might sound a little cheesy, but it actually proved to be an interesting exercise. It basically forced us to create an exciting image about the project and a use a few important catch words to describe it. The entire class then hung the covers (printed at actual size) across the back wall of our gallery for the review. This was the only image that we were required to print, the rest of the presentation was largely digital.

    After the final review, I had a ton of other things to finish up for all those other classes besides studio so it was another week of work until I finished up. Then I ended up with jury duty.

    Anyway after all the craziness, I made it through my first year, with only one more year to go. It was definitely a blast, and I am looking forward to next year. Over the summer I am going to be researching a possible thesis for next year and I am back at my old job. I just started back at work today and I must say it is really nice to be getting a paycheck again.

    I thought I would post a few images from the final studio project so here you have it. It is a little tough for me to explain without going into too much detail, but in case you haven't been following too much, our program was for a casino in Philly. I am not too happy with my images from the gaming parts of the project so I won't even bother posting those. My goal was to create an environment of contrasting ecologies. I used biotechnical pods to perform all of the buildings mechanical functions. These pods occured throughout the building creating bizarre juxtapositions...ah perfect for a casino. I chose Content for my magazine cover (hope Rem doesn't mind, but I thought we would make a good team!).

    Magazine Cover

    The biotech. pods float throughout the building

    A close up of one of the pods that bulges around columns and begins to displace them

    Inside your hotel room, you might have a fuzzy pod for a neighbor

    Some pods have arms that reach upwards through the building to bring in light. This view shows the arms within some of the offices.

    A watery pod acts as a cistern and delivers water for irrigation and fire suppression while providing a habitat for fish.


    • vado retro

      whenever i hear the word pod i think of "invasion of the body snatchers"

      May 16, 05 10:01 pm

      or something gross and creepy that is growing inside of something equally gross and creepy.

      May 19, 05 2:52 am

      hey, congratulations on the parachute pavilion competition placing. can you make a blog entry about it? there's no room for modesty here ;)

      May 26, 05 6:06 pm

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