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    I made a concrete turd

    By adrienne
    Mar 31, '06 12:12 PM EST

    I really did. I squeezed clumpy concrete through my hands and let it drip and pile up and it pretty much looked like dog crap...kinda juicy dog crap, and I was actually trying to make a model. So this leaves me feeling like WTF! I am about to walk out of here with a master's degree?! I mean at this point the only thing I have pride in is snack heaven. I am not getting anywhere in studio. I have no architectural proposition and I don't know what to do. Francois will be back next week and will surely be angry and start cursing in French, and that idea scares me a little.

    At least I am not alone, I think a lot of people are frustrated. So in response I have been eating an unusually large amount of cupcakes with pink frosting...not a good sign.

    plus i am still on the job hunt which is a little stressful. hopefully it will all get figured out soon. i have had a bunch of interviews, but no official offers yet. i am only worried because i did my loan exit interview the other day, and started to realize what my monthly payments were going to be...yikes. plus i might not finish paying for these 2 years until 2035, which is great because i will be 55! oh well, i just keep reminding myself that educational debt is "good debt."

    anyway i will proabably have more painful posts this weekend, because i don't care what it takes...i am going to have a project by Monday. just me, snack heaven and my pink computer...

    ...and i think i'll just give my concrete turds to my dad for father's day as paper weights for his office, a la elementary school.


    • I want to do something distracting this afternoon. Do you think a visit to Meyerson Hall to see a concrete turd would be worth the trip?

      Mar 31, 06 12:26 pm

      get rid of it or publish a picture of the dogshit.

      Mar 31, 06 12:59 pm

      maybe our friend Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt should do some investigative journalism and bring us the latest on the concrete turd after his visit this afternoon with images.
      I am thinking tensile strength and other applicable data should be provided too.

      Mar 31, 06 1:09 pm

      how much is your monthly?...and what type of offices are you applying to?

      Mar 31, 06 3:32 pm

      post an image...
      you made the office laugh

      Mar 31, 06 4:33 pm

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